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Cardio Server Replaces Cerner’s Powerchart and Delta Regional is Delighted

Posted by Lisa Wolfenbarger on November 1, 2017 at 10:42 AM

A Letter to Wally Pruitt, Implementations Director at Epiphany Healthcare from Mitch Ainsworth, PACS/Radiology Systems Administrator at Delta Regional Medical Center in Greenville, MS


Now that we are a couple of weeks into our go-live, I feel like I can take a moment to catch my breath and put my thoughts on paper about our implementation experience. Epiphany was tasked with implementing Cardio Server in a very short time frame. We communicated our aggressive time-line requirements; the Epiphany team heard our needs and was able to implement Cardio Server to meet them. 

Delta regional.jpg

The team you assembled for this project was the best I have ever worked with. Bob Sturgill was instrumental in keeping the Epiphany team, as well as the DRMC team, on task to meet this deadline. Bob went above and beyond by scheduling time with just he and I to ensure certain milestones were met on time. Bob leaned on his contacts from Mortara to aid in integrating the stress and Holter systems with Cardio Server. Victor Villafaña worked tirelessly with our interface architect to ensure stable HL7 integration with Meditech. Victor also accommodated several changes just prior to go-live and a few optimizations after go-live. The trainer was exceptional as well. Tammy was well prepared to ensure we did not skip a beat while transitioning from Cerner Powerchart ECG to Cardio Server. During a very stressful time for our organization, Tammy kept both the ECG techs and physicians calm and focused while learning the new system.

The professionalism and work ethic of all involved from Epiphany should be commended. I never once felt that we were just another number on a sales sheet.

Your staff made the DRMC team feel as though we were part of a bigger team. The entire team was focused on effectively implementing a system that would aid in how we care for our patients as an organization. The Epiphany staff seemed as vested in this endeavor as we were. I have been involved in several other implementations that did not go so well. Other vendors we have worked with put their best people in sales. After the sale, the customer experience was terrible. From conversations with other colleagues, this seems to be the norm these days. Epiphany deserves to be applauded on this project. From sales to post-live support, it has been a wonderful experience. I feel sure there are a few people that I failed to mention but I appreciate their work on this project too. 

It is not often that the customer is treated as well as we were by Epiphany and you deserve to be praised for it. We are very satisfied with the quality of the system and how smoothly the system was implemented.

Thank you and your entire team at Epiphany for the hard work and dedication during this project.

Kudos to Epiphany!

Mitch Ainsworth.jpg Mitch Ainsworth RT(R)(CT)(ARRT)
PACS/Radiology Systems Administrator
Delta Regional Medical Center
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About Delta Regional:

Founded in 1953 and based in Greenville, Mississippi, Delta Regional Medical Center is a 325-bed facility that is recognized as the leader in the delivery of quality care in the area. Delta Regional Medical Center’s purpose is to provide high quality medical services to the citizens and communities in the Tri-state Delta Region at the lowest practical cost and be a leader in providing needed support services to healthcare providers and patients to improve the health of the communities they serve.

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Lock Haven Hospital Has An Epiphany

Posted by Holly Allen on March 7, 2013 at 1:52 PM

Technology Optimizes ECG Workflow 

Lock Haven, PA – The Lock Haven Hospital cardiopulmonary department recently acquired new technology to enhance patient care: Cardio Server from Epiphany Cardio. Cardio Server is an award-winning management tool for electrocardiograms (ECGs). The web-based application turns a manual, time consuming task into quick, electronic clicks. In addition to saving the cardiopulmonary department time and valuable resources, Cardio Server has made patient information more accessible.

The ECG management ways of the past were very time consuming at Lock Haven Hospital. After each ECG was performed, a technician had to manually print three copies of the ECG on thermal paper. The technician had to then manually place carbon paper between each of the three printed copies. Then the technician had to wait for a physician’s interpretation. The carbon paper allowed the physicians to save time by documenting their interpretations only once per ECG rather than three times, but the carbon often left messy residue and was not the most efficient process.

With the implementation of Cardio Server the process can now be completed with a few,Physicians using Cardio Server to read ECGs online clean computer clicks. Once the technician has performed the ECG, the physician can view and interpret the test and then electronically confirm/sign online whether on site or not. The physician is also able to quickly access previous ECG tests for comparison when continuing care on the same patient. For back-up measures, Cardio Server electronically distributes a paper copy of each ECG to medical records without anyone having to perform an additional click. 

“As we continue to evolve and expand our cardiac care relationships with the providers from Susquehanna Health Systems onsite at Lock Haven Hospital, the Epiphany system allows us to better serve patient needs when critical minutes can make a difference,” said John Zidansek, Chief Executive Officer, Lock Haven Hospital. “Cardio Server’s innovative technology provides more timely results and diagnostic capabilities for digital electrocardiograms and allows physicians to optimize cardiac care.” 

Lock Haven Hospital is a 47-bed facility with an additional 90 long-term care beds, and is fullyLock Haven Hospital accredited by The Joint Commission. With more than 40 medical staff members, specialties include cardiology, otolaryngology, family practice, general surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, internal medicine, pain management, nephrology, ophthalmology, orthopedics and pediatrics. The hospital offers a full range of services including 24-hour emergency care, a birthing center, diagnostic imaging, physical/occupational/speech therapy, outpatient surgery, sleep studies and more. For more information, visit

Founded in 2004, Epiphany simplifies the collection and management of diagnostic test results with its application—Cardio Server. Epiphany's Cardio Server receives, manages, and exports diagnostic test results to all major EMRs. With over 450 hospital customers in the US and abroad, Epiphany is committed to serving its customers’ needs through product innovation, the delivery of exceptional service, and an unwavering dedication to driving open systems. Discover why Epiphany is preferred when managing multi-vendor, multi-modality diagnostic test results. 


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What Doctors Say About Epiphany’s Cardio Server

Posted by Holly Allen on January 28, 2013 at 3:00 PM

I joined Epiphany Cardio as a Clinical Training Specialist (“CTS”) in 2012. One of the best parts of my job is watching the positive reaction to our product from physicians in many different specialties. Recent training sessions occurred at Salem Township Hospital in Salem, IL (a 46 bed, critical access hospital) and Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth, ME (a 48 bed, acute care hospital).

At Salem Township Hospital, Gautam Jha, MD (Internist) stated “it is fast.” Within two clicks, Cardio Server is opened and asking for your login information. Although Dr. Jha stated his reluctance to learn yet another program to access patient information, just moments into his one-on-one training with an Epiphany CTS, he arose from his chair with a smile, shook hands with the trainer, and said “This is very acceptable.”

Robert Beekman, MD (Pediatric Medicine) from Maine Coast Memorial Hospital took out his pen and paper to manually calculate the QTc interval of the ECG he was reading. He was pleasantly surprised when his manual calculation matched the calculation provided by the caliper tool within Cardio Server. This meant he would no longer have to carry around his caliper tool in his lab coat pocket. Dr. Beekman was also pleased to create a list of favorite statements that he can quickly click on to build his interpretation for each study, minimizing the amount of time he has to spend typing.

Kathryn Resenbrink, MD (Internal Medicine) at Maine Coast exuded the same excitement after spending time clicking through Cardio Server. As she finished, she threw her hands up in celebration as she would no longer have to read ECGs on paper! JosephEpiphany's Cardio Server is Intuitive Nabonzy, MD (Family Practice) at Maine Coast walked away with a smile, stating “I think I can do it!” Daniel Reinke, MD (Emergency Medicine) at Maine Coast said, “I have a good feeling about this.” Their collective enthusiasm was evident on the day Cardio Server went live. The Director of CardioPulmonary, Tina Reiff, also witnessed the users’ excitement by watching them clear out the inbox the first day Cardio Server went live.

These are just a few of the positive responses we receive from our end users. The speed and ease of Cardio Server assists physicians with patient care in hospitals around the world.

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