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"Cardio Server was the best move we ever made." 

Debbie Britt, ECG Manager, CarolinaEast Medical Center 


Server FREE with the Cloud

"Really check into your options. I would highly recommend Epiphany. We don't have any servers that we have to take care of."

- Greg Vaught, IT Manager at Marshall County Hospital

Time Saver

"Our time is freed up to focus on our jobs and our physicians can go anywhere now with Epiphany, even out of state."

- Jennie Russell, Respiratory Manager at Marshall County Hospital

Captures Revenue Loss

"Now, all of the studies have a matching order, making it easier for the staff to capture revenue that was formerly lost."

- Carl Navarro, Chief of Cardiopulmonary Services, HSS

Intuitive User Interface

"Working with Epiphany has been wonderful. Our ease of access has been great, and the interface is user-friendly."

- George Brown, Respiratory Therapist, UBMC

Simplified Workflow |  Makes Things Manageable

"Having a standardized workflow has made it possible to manage a system that was otherwise unmanageable."

- Chance Hayes, Director of Respiratory Care, UBMC

Reduced Cost with the Cloud

"It cost less because we would pay a company to monitor the servers for us."

- Greg Vaught, IT Manager at Marshall County Hospital

Customer Support that Cares About You

"Krystal was wonderful, even interrupted her lunch period to address our issue. Thanks!"

- Val Boyd, Hillsdale Hospital

Better Patient Care with Cardio Server Mobile

"Say someone shows up here at the hospital and just had an ECG in another location. That ECG can be pulled up right away instead of searching for that study; Cardio Server Mobile allows doctors to spend more time with patients."

- Chance Hayes, Director of Respiratory Care, UBMC


Eliminates the Paper Process

"Epiphany provided the tool that allowed interpreting physicians to have easy access to tests and an efficient means of applying a standardized interpretation and electronic signature, completely eliminating the paper process."

- Kevin McCarthy, retired Manager, Pulmonary Function Laboratories, Cleveland Clinic

"I would not hesitate to endorse or recommend this product to anybody needing a comprehensive user-friendly system to store, retrieve and report diagnostic studies."

- Dan Locke, Manager, Diagnostic Imaging, Queensway Carleton Hospital

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Epiphany Cloud Services Revolutionizes Marshall County Hospital’s Workflow

Epiphany Cloud Services revolutionized the workflow at Marshall County Hospital. They were at the end-of-life with Pyramis, their former system, and at the end of their rope with troubleshooting support calls. With Epiphany, their workflow has transformed with a decrease in time and frustration, and an increase in simplicity and security.

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Epiphany Implements a Speedy Upgrade to Help Customer's COVID-19 Related Issue

They needed an upgrade for their Cardio Server system as well as the addition of Cardio Server Mobile. The hospital has off site reading cardiologists. With COVID-19, those physicians were needed onsite more frequently. Epiphany was there to help.

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How a #1 Nationally Ranked Hospital Overcame its PFT Workflow Woes with Pulmonary Server

Cleveland Clinic now has four different PFT vendors integrated with Epiphany and the EMR, so they are no longer tied to any specific vendor. This flexibility gives them the freedom to select a vendor for future purchases or replacements that best meets the needs of the intended laboratory site.

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HSHS Chooses Epiphany for 13-Hospital Enterprise ECG Management System

"One of the major components for choosing Epiphany was the ability to manage a multiple modality integration into our enterprise solution. The transition to the Epiphany model was an easy one. It really allows for much more integration than we had before with previous vendors who were much more proprietary in this aspect."

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