Cardio Server System

7.0 E3 Upgrade Features
  • Administrative Functions (Devices, Forms, Locations, Log Search, Statements, Users, Settings and Tasks)

  • Global View

  • Order reconciliation from E3 study detail page 

  • Report Tool viewer updated to E3 layout

  • Orders and Report Tool screen added

  • Fellow workflow

  • Support Web API authentication

  • Messenger email links are supported

  • MySQL 8.0.29, PHP 8.1.8 and .NET Core 6.0.7

Other Recent Updates
  • Add, modify and organize Favorites
  • Enhanced PFT Trending view with new data point display
  • Pick Patient allows searching by Room and Location for improved Rhythm Strip Management (RSM) support
  • Filter flagged studies
  • Compare previous studies for non-ECG modalities
  • Customizable display of pacemaker spikes