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ECGs at Your Fingertips: Introducing Cardio Server Mobile! 

View, edit, and confirm ECGs from anywhere.


Simplify cardiopulmonary
data management with
Epiphany Cloud Services.

Reduce server requirements,
storage, and IT costs


Stop Revenue Loss and Identify the Cause of Delayed Billing.

Introducing Epiphany Analytica™.



Epiphany Healthcare announces that it has become the only vendor in the niche market of ECG management software with a cyber-security certification. Epiphany is officially ISO 27001 certified for all of its products and locations.

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“One of the major components for choosing Epiphany was the ability to manage a multiple modality integration into our enterprise solution. The transition to the Epiphany model was a fairly easy one. It really allows for much more integration than we had before with previous vendors who were much more proprietary in this aspect.”
- Kevin Groskreutz, Division CIO
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Digitally Manage Diagnostic Test Results with Cardio Server.

  • Manage multiple modalities in one intuitive application
  • Communicates with all major EHRs
  • Web-based software: access from anywhere
  • Ideal Solution for Enterprise Hospital Systems
    and IDNs
Easy to Use
Easy to Use
Several ways to interprate studies
Vendor-neutral, Multi-Modality
Vendor-neutral, Multi-Modality
Manage multiple diagnostic modalities in one application
Manage PFT Studies
Manage PFT Studies
Utilize our PFT trending functionality
Advanced Physician Editing
Advanced Physician Editing
ECG rendering & caliper tools
Customizable Report Tool
Customizable Report Tool
Analyze your data for administrative or billing needs

Cardio Server ECG Management System

  • Supports individual physicians’ preferences
  • Streamlined editing and interpretation
  • One-click confirmation and the next study appears for review
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The Epiphany Difference

Investing in an ECG Management System or replacing a system you already have? Download our ECG Management Buyer's Guide E-Book to discover how to avoid hidden fees or inadequate support, improve workflow efficiency, and solve billing problems.



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Send diagnostic test results to your EHR from multiple modalities.

We communicate with 260 devices from over 80 manufacturers and 23 different modality types.
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