Epiphany Supports Modality Worklists

Epiphany offers customers secure, bi-directional communication of patient demographics and order information between its Cardio Server management system and your devices. 

Modality Worklists allow you to download orders that meet user-specific search criteria to a specific cart or location. Vendors who support modality worklists with Epiphany include GE Healthcare, Philips, Hill-Rom/Welch Allyn, Mortara/Cardiac Science/
Burdick/Quinton, Nihon Kohden, Schiller, CareFusion, Norav, and MGC Diagnostics/MedGraphics. Worklists allow for bi-directional communication with Cardiographs, CPET/Stress, Holter, and PFT devices. Features and capabilities vary by vendor and model/device.

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Modality Worklist Compatibility Matrix

Vendor Device Models Worklist Format
Mortara Cardiographs ELI 10, ELI 150, ELI 250, ELI 280,
ELI 350, ELI 380
Released DICOM & XML
Stress Testing XScribe, XScribe 5, & Q-Stress 6 Released DICOM
Holter HScribe Released DICOM
Cardiac Science/
Cardiographs Burdick - Eclipse series, Atria 8300 & 8500 Released Via web services
Stress Testing Quinton Q-Stress Released DICOM
Nihon Kohden Cardiographs 2550, 1550A/K & 1350A/K, 1250A/K Released Datamed
Philips Medical Cardiographs PageWriter TC70, TC50, TC30, TC20, TC10, PW Touch Released XML
Stress Testing StressVue & ST80i Released DICOM
Norav Cardiographs PC ECG 1200, Blue ECG, Green ECG LAN Released DICOM
Stress Testing Norav 1200 Stress ECG Released DICOM
GE Healthcare Cardiographs MAC 800, MAC 1200, MAC 1600, MAC 2000, MAC 3500, MAC 5000, MAC 5500, MAC 5500 HD Released DICOM
Schiller Cardiographs Cardiovit AT Series, CS Series and MS Series that support
bi-directional operation, PC Pro with MS-12 Blue
Released DICOM & XML
Stress Testing CS-200, AT-104, & AT-10 plus Stress Released DICOM & XML
CPET Cardiovit CS-200 Ergospiro & Cardiovit AT-104 PC Ergospiro Released DICOM & XML
CareFusion PFT BD/CareFusion/Jaeger/
Cardinal Health/
(with SentryConnect)
Released Inbound HL7 Order
MGC Diagnostics/
Stress Testing
MedGraphics Ultima Series PF, PFX, PPX, CCM, & CardiO2/Metabolic Stress Systems
(with BreezeSuite)
Released Inbound HL7 Order
Welch Allyn Cardiographs CP 150 ECG (with DICOM) Released DICOM