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Epiphany Cloud Services Revolutionizes Marshall County Hospital’s Workflow

Epiphany Cloud Services revolutionized the workflow at Marshall County Hospital in Benton, Kentucky. Their workflow has transformed with a decrease in time and frustration, and an increase in simplicity and security.

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Simplify cardiopulmonary data management with Epiphany Cloud Services. Reduce server requirements, storage, and  IT costs. Save your hospital time and resources to focus on delivering the best patient care while we focus on the rest.



Proactive system monitoring
Enhanced cybersecurity, virus, and
malware protection
Single tenancy
Server hardware and periodic upgrades
Test environment
Supports mobile technology
Secure access from anywhere


Reduce hospital’s IT expenses and footprint
Reduce server and storage requirements
Epiphany software and security upgrades/
patches included
3rd party software, patches, upgrades included
Backup and disaster recovery included
Operating budget vs. capital budget
Lower five-year lifecycle costs
(annual support included in subscription)

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