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Epiphany Cloud Services Revolutionizes Marshall County Hospital’s Workflow

Posted by Shannon Richter on June 12, 2020 at 2:25 PM

Epiphany Cloud Services revolutionized the workflow at Marshall County Hospital in Benton, Kentucky. Their workflow has transformed with a decrease in time and frustration, and an increase in simplicity and security.


They were at the end-of-life with Pyramis, their former system. The staff was also at the end of their rope with support calls, troubleshooting server issues three or four times a week. Marshall County Hospital was ready for improvement. 

Marshall is a small, critical-access hospital that shares cardiologists from Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, half an hour away. 

Marshall’s former workflow consisted of transmitting an ECG to Pyramis and then assigning ECGs to cardiologists manually. The process was very time consuming, sometimes taking an hour or two. At times, staff from Marshall County would have to drive to Lourdes Hospital to try to help physicians get connected to servers. It tied up time with physicians and the hospital’s IT department.

Since switching to Epiphany Cloud Services, there are no more manual steps, connection problems, and delays. The new workflow is a one-step automatic process. ECGs no longer need to be assigned. Cardiologists are always connected. Since the switch, they haven’t needed any IT support.

According to Jennie Russell, Respiratory Manager at Marshall, ­“Set up went very smoothly even though we had to migrate all of our ECGs. Everyone from Epiphany was willing to help us and it went really well.” 

Russell continued to say, “Our time is freed up to focus on our jobs and our physicians can go anywhere now with Epiphany, even out of state.”


Marshall’s IT Manager, Greg Vaught, said, “Epiphany Cloud Services is much easier than our previous system. The only thing I have to do is make sure connections are stable. It’s been wonderful. I haven’t had any complaints about it at all. Epiphany has freed up my time because I don’t spend time with support anymore.” He was barely sleeping sometimes from navigating through so many ECG management issues before. Now he has peace of mind with the new system in place and can get more rest since he isn’t continuing to work late into the night

From an IT perspective, there are no servers to monitor or support calls to attend. Vaught commented, “We feel better about our security. We were vulnerable to ransomware attacks before. We have lost studies in the past. Now we don’t worry at all about the security of our data, even during natural disasters. Our data is always safe in the cloud.” 

When asked what she would tell other hospitals about Epiphany Cloud Services, Russell said, “There’s no way they’d be disappointed. It’s just a really good system. Epiphany is great—that’s all I can say! It’s much easier than our previous system because our IT department doesn’t have to do much. It’s been wonderful.” 

When asked the same question, Vaught said, “Really check into your options. I would highly recommend Epiphany. We don’t have any servers that we have to take care of. It also cost less because we would pay a company to monitor the servers for us. Epiphany’s customer support is outstanding.” 

Epiphany Cloud Services was a game-changer in Marshall County Hospital’s data security. Physicians can focus on their jobs to deliver the best patient care. Marshall no longer has problems connecting with their reading physicians. They can supply patients waiting for diagnostic test results with information much quicker. They also have peace of mind that patient data is always safe in the cloud. The difference Epiphany Cloud Services has made for Marshall County Hospital is crucial in helping them provide their patients with the most efficient and secure care. 

More about Marshall County Hospital 

Marshall County Hospital’s mission is to provide primary and certain specialty services with high-quality care, concern, dedication, and value in a cost-effective manner. Since 1964, Marshall County Hospital has been dedicated to the improvement of the facility, services, and programs that meet the needs of their community while maintaining a standard of excellence in a friendly atmosphere.

More about Epiphany Healthcare

With over 950 hospital customers worldwide, Epiphany Healthcare is committed to serving its customers’ needs through product innovation, the delivery of exceptional service, and an unwavering dedication to improving clinical workflow. Discover why Epiphany is the preferred provider when managing multi-vendor, multi-modality diagnostic test data. For more information, please visit, follow Epiphany on Facebook ( Twitter (@epiphhealth), or Linkedin (

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Epiphany Healthcare’s COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Response Plan

Posted by Russ DeRemer on March 18, 2020 at 10:45 AM

From the Desk of the President:

The majority of Epiphany Healthcare’s staff already works remotely. As of today, all employees will be working from home. Business travel is suspended during this outbreak. Many hospitals have notified us that vendors should not be entering their facilities.


Project implementation and customer support have always been provided remotely. Our clinical training staff will provide web-based training for our customers. We have extensive experience doing remote training. On-site retraining will be available, if requested, when travel normalizes. 

The sales team does the majority of their work remotely including web demonstrations and proposal reviews. Sales team members will not be scheduling on-site meetings. They can provide video conferencing when requested.

We will be social distancing, washing our hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, and working hard to keep our families safe. We live on conference calls and email. We will continue to communicate diligently and often. These travel restrictions will have a minimal impact on our organization; we will do our best to continue to support our customers and those interested in our products. All of us at Epiphany wish you the best during this difficult period.


Russ DeRemer
President  |  Epiphany Healthcare


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A 300-Bed Hospital in South Texas Improves Efficiency with Epiphany

Posted by Allison Fawber on November 18, 2014 at 12:04 PM

A 300-bed hospital in South Texas implemented Epiphany's Cardio Server five years ago. They are managing their ECG and Holter studies with Epiphany.

An administrator at the hospital shed some light on how Epiphany has improved her organization's workflow. Before implementing Epiphany, she recalled, "we were totally dependent on the Medical Records Department for copies of old EKGs. We averaged 800 EKGs monthly. Holter reports were also kept in Medical Records and hand-written interpretations were copied and kept in our department."

[After implementing Cardio Server], “we are now able to retrieve, view, or print any EKG or Holter study without having to depend on the Medical Records Department. We now average about 1,200 EKGs monthly," she added. “If I could tell other hospital organizations one thing about how Epiphany has helped us, it would be that having the capability of retrieving any EKG or Holter from Epiphany has been a great time saver and has made us much more efficient.”


With Epiphany’s Cardio Server, users can access and edit diagnostic data from anywhere in the hospital, office, or home using a standard web browser. Cardio Server is such an intuitive application that physicians and other users can be trained on the system in 15 minutes.

Epiphany Healthcare is on mission to simplify diverse clinical workflow for healthcare organizations worldwide. With over 600 hospital customers in the US and abroad, Epiphany is committed to serving its customers' needs through product innovation and the delivery of exceptional service. Discover why Epiphany is preferred when managing multi-vendor, multi-modality diagnostic test data.

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HSHS Chooses Epiphany for 13-Hospital Enterprise ECG Management System

Posted by Allison Fawber on April 8, 2013 at 10:19 AM

Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) is a multi-institutional health care systemHospital Sisters Health System that sponsors 13 hospitals in 12 communities across Illinois and Wisconsin. When considering new technology for its 13 hospitals, HSHS has historically used a “best-of-breed” approach to select devices at each site.  In recent years, they are migrating to an integrated information system and enterprise solution for the 13 sites. Epiphany’s Cardio Server was chosen as the enterprise-wide ECG management system for HSHS. doc-csmobile

“Our IT solutions can be leveraged across multiple hospitals, allowing us to replicate and enterprise our solutions to a central management strategy,” states Kevin Groskreutz, Division CIO at Hospital Sisters Health System in Western Wisconsin. HSHS pulled together a cross-functional team of physicians and directors in the Cardiovascular line, looked at what devices the hospitals within HSHS were currently using, and chose Epiphany’s Cardio Server as an enterprise solution for ECG management.

“One of the major components for choosing Epiphany was the ability to manage a multiple modality integration into our enterprise solution. The transition to the Epiphany model was a fairly easy one. It really allows for much more integration than we had before with previous vendors who were much more proprietary in this aspect,” Kevin adds. “We have less IT architecture to maintain with Epiphany. We have the various EMRs from different sites integrated through one single solution. And on the clinical side, leveraging a consistent workflow is important. For example, if I am a provider at St. John’s and also practice at another hospital, I can walk in and my workflow is the same from one hospital to the next. It just gives a consistency of operations between our facilities.” 

“Our facilities also range drastically in size. St. John’s is a large teaching hospital and trauma center and then we have sites that are critical access hospitals. Levels of complexity and workflow are much different between different sized locations like that. Epiphany has been able to match workflow at a very complex teaching hospital and manage their needs, as well as make workflow as efficient at a small critical access hospital.”

When considering Epiphany’s Cardio Server in comparison to other solutions on the market, Kevin mentioned that HSHS considered Epiphany to be much more economical to own and operate. As an organization, they’ve gained a substantial ROI from migrating to Epiphany. Kevin concludes, “I have been very happy with the project management component while working on this migration. I’d give them an A+ in project management and implementation services.” 

About HSHS
Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) is a health care system comprised of 13 hospitals and an integrated physician network serving communities throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. HSHS’ vision is to bring together elements of today’s fragmented health care delivery system, provide superior value to patients and promote efficiency. The HSHS Care Integration initiative is the blueprint for achieving that vision and as part of that initiative, Hospital Sisters Health System is building partnerships with a variety of providers with a strategy to unify key components of health care delivery in our Illinois and Wisconsin communities—using technology and relationships to link patients, providers and care facilities. Visit or call (217) 523-4747 for more information.

About Epiphany Healthcare
Founded in 2004, Epiphany’s mission is “to simplify the collection and management of diagnostic test results”. With over 900 hospital customers in the US and abroad, Epiphany is committed to serving its customers’ needs through product innovation and the delivery of exceptional service with an unwavering dedication to driving open systems. Discover why Epiphany is preferred when managing multi-vendor, multi-modality diagnostic test results. 

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What Doctors Say About Epiphany’s Cardio Server

Posted by Holly Allen on January 28, 2013 at 3:00 PM

I joined Epiphany Cardio as a Clinical Training Specialist (“CTS”) in 2012. One of the best parts of my job is watching the positive reaction to our product from physicians in many different specialties. Recent training sessions occurred at Salem Township Hospital in Salem, IL (a 46 bed, critical access hospital) and Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth, ME (a 48 bed, acute care hospital).

At Salem Township Hospital, Gautam Jha, MD (Internist) stated “it is fast.” Within two clicks, Cardio Server is opened and asking for your login information. Although Dr. Jha stated his reluctance to learn yet another program to access patient information, just moments into his one-on-one training with an Epiphany CTS, he arose from his chair with a smile, shook hands with the trainer, and said “This is very acceptable.”

Robert Beekman, MD (Pediatric Medicine) from Maine Coast Memorial Hospital took out his pen and paper to manually calculate the QTc interval of the ECG he was reading. He was pleasantly surprised when his manual calculation matched the calculation provided by the caliper tool within Cardio Server. This meant he would no longer have to carry around his caliper tool in his lab coat pocket. Dr. Beekman was also pleased to create a list of favorite statements that he can quickly click on to build his interpretation for each study, minimizing the amount of time he has to spend typing.

Kathryn Resenbrink, MD (Internal Medicine) at Maine Coast exuded the same excitement after spending time clicking through Cardio Server. As she finished, she threw her hands up in celebration as she would no longer have to read ECGs on paper! JosephEpiphany's Cardio Server is Intuitive Nabonzy, MD (Family Practice) at Maine Coast walked away with a smile, stating “I think I can do it!” Daniel Reinke, MD (Emergency Medicine) at Maine Coast said, “I have a good feeling about this.” Their collective enthusiasm was evident on the day Cardio Server went live. The Director of CardioPulmonary, Tina Reiff, also witnessed the users’ excitement by watching them clear out the inbox the first day Cardio Server went live.

These are just a few of the positive responses we receive from our end users. The speed and ease of Cardio Server assists physicians with patient care in hospitals around the world.

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