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Schiller Malaysia to Distribute Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server

Posted by Allison Fawber on May 14, 2014 at 10:47 AM

As a follow-up to dual execution of a distribution agreement between Epiphany Healthcare and Schiller Malaysia (along with 3 countries in Asia Pacific) in January 2014, Schiller Malaysia announced it will demonstrate live connectivity with its CARDIOVIT MS-2015 to Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server during its Regional Sales Training in May 2014.  Schiller Asia Pacific’s marketing, sales, and support teams, together with Epiphany Healthcare, are now able to perform live demonstrations of the device connectivity, going far beyond receiving digital reports and raw data in an ECG management system.  Other advanced clinical features include bi-directional communications (modality worklists) and a direct, patient-data query that can now be demonstrated on the fly.  Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server and Schiller’s MS-2015, and other Schiller devices, will provide valuable tools for diagnosing and treating heart disease.

“I think with this set of tools, the motivated and highly skilled team of Schiller Asia Pacific will be able to explain and demonstrate the real power and strength of our Cardio Server solution.  This will be a much more convincing and powerful tool than traditional slide shows.  Being able to demonstrate these capabilities ad hoc is the best proof that our companies, together, have the skills, knowledge, and resources to deliver excellent solutions to our customers.” said Thomas Lutz of Epiphany Healthcare.  Ho Foon Ngei, who leads the Schiller Malaysia team, stated, “Cardio Server has many desirable features.  It is an open-vendor, multi-modality, pure-web product.  With it and our Schiller devices, we will open the door to the customers widely.”

About Schiller

Schiller is one of the world's leading companies in the development, production and distribution of medical devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, patient monitoring, and emergency medicine.  Schiller was founded by Alfred E. Schiller in 1974 as an autonomous and financially independent company.  Today, with more than 900 employees and a global sales network, Schiller offers a service support that is unique in the world and stands for constant technological excellence.  For more information about Schiller Asia Pacific, please visit

About Epiphany Healthcare

Epiphany Healthcare Data Management, LLC, founded in 2004, simplifies the collection and management of diagnostic test results.  Its Cardio Server solves diverse clinical workflow challenges and offers one consolidated EMR interface.  With over 500 hospital users in the US and abroad, Epiphany's continued success is fueled by innovation and a commitment to exceptional customer service. 


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Epiphany Cardio is Now Epiphany Healthcare

Posted by Allison Fawber on October 3, 2013 at 9:02 AM
Epiphany Cardiography Products, LLC. (Epiphany Cardio) is proudEpiphany Healthcare to announce its name change to Epiphany Healthcare Data Management, LLC. (Doing business as Epiphany Healthcare).

In its inception in 2004, Epiphany’s primary focus was to simplify the collection and management of ECG data. Today, with approximately 500 hospitals using Epiphany’s products across the globe, we are promoting interoperability and enabling clinicians to access and manage data across fifteen different types of diagnostic modalities. Epiphany actively works with over 40 manufacturers across Cardiology, Pulmonary, Neurology, Patient Monitoring and Emergency departments. Epiphany continues to promote new innovative ways to improve clinical workflow; through enhanced bi-directional device communication, consolidated interfaces, multi-vendor support and by providing clinical browser based tools that enhance a physician’s ability to deliver quality care.

“We work to improve clinical workflow and efficiency across a broad list of diagnostic tests, while securing PHI. Our new corporate identity better reflects our expanding capabilities,” states Russ DeRemer, President and CEO. “We are much more than an ECG Management company.”

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About Epiphany Healthcare 
Epiphany Healthcare simplifies diverse clinical workflow using one consolidated EMR interface. With nearly 500 hospital customers in the US and abroad, Epiphany is committed to serving its customers' needs through product innovation and the delivery of exceptional service with an unwavering dedication to driving open systems. Discover why Epiphany is preferred when managing multi-vendor, multi-modality diagnostic test data. Visit or call (804)744-8931 for more information.


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From the President’s desk: "Outrageous ECG Management Support Costs"

Posted by Lisa Wolfenbarger on May 30, 2013 at 11:03 AM

In the last couple of weeks I have had the chance to speak with cardiology department managers in three different hospitals. All three accounts are in the process of replacing their legacy ECG Management Systems with Epiphany. As you read the anecdotes below, please remember that Epiphany’s support agreement is 24/7/365 and includes lifetime software upgrades. Also, Epiphany has been rated as best in KLAS for the last four years in customer support; MDBuyline has rated us a best customer support in ECG Management in 2012. 

The first hospital was a medium sized community medical center with a total of 12 cardiographs. Their support agreement was expiring and they wanted to be sure that we would have our system up and running before the expiration date. I asked them what the renewal cost would have been from their legacy vendor. The answer shocked me, "$252,000 for a 5-year contract”. This hospital’s contract from Epiphany is $47,880 for the 5-year support agreement

I was on a conference call with a second hospital finishing up the terms and conditions on a contract to replace their legacy ECG Management system. They are a small rural hospital with only 6 cardiographs. We were discussing our support charges and I asked what they were paying for their current contract? Their answer was more disturbing than the one above. “We can’t afford their contract and are on the pay as you go program”. How much was the contract for a small rural hospital with 6 carts? $232,000 for 5 years! This hospital is on Epiphany’s support agreement at a total 5 year charge of $27,360.

My final comments are regarding a university medical center. They have over 50 cardiographs and are replacing everything in a phased approach. The 5-year support agreement renewal for their legacy system was $306,000. This was a major reason they decided to find an alternative vendor. Epiphany’s 5-year support agreement for this medical center is $132,000.

As healthcare tightens its collective belt you may be looking for savings. If any of the legacy support system cost examples seem familiar; I encourage you to ask us how you may be able reduce your ECG Management system lifecycle costs. 

Russ DeRemer
Founder & CEO 

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Join Epiphany Cardio in Honoring Hospitals Nationwide!

Posted by Derek Moorman on May 15, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Epiphany Cardio recognizes hospitals nationwide in celebration of National Hospital Week, an annual event that celebrates the health care industry. The event, taking place this year from May 12th through the 18th, is a tribute to medical professionals; technology, history, and advancements that make health care what it is today. This year’s theme is “A Guiding Light for Changing Times.” The theme emphasizes hospitals’ growing role in the nation’s ever-changing health care industry. The associated festivities are meant to unite health care facilities and personnel around the country.

The celebratory tradition began in 1921 when a Chicago editor proposed a community-wide salute to the medical industry. The concept was meant to ease any anxieties the general public had regarding hospitals and medical staff. Today the week-long event is a time to acknowledge medical personnel, encourage trust throughout the community, and promote a mission of wellness and celebrate top quality care at each medical facility. 

Many people use this week to appreciate the vital role health care facilities and staff members play in society. Medical treatment is about more than just healing, it’s a crucial piece of a bigger puzzle. Health care represents hope, discovery, and innovation fNational Hospital Weekor a brighter future. The optimism and positive attitudes of medical personnel are central to the well-being of a community, and the nationwide event recognizes this.

With so many advancements in technologies, hospitals and medical facilities can provide high-quality, effective and sophisticated solutions to a number of health care issues. Software, hardware and medical device suppliers play a major role in the success of the industry as well. National Hospital Week honors the complex network of people and tools that keep the health care services operating properly.

There are countless ways communities can participate in the week-long celebrations. Hospital directors can plan activities throughout the week for patients and staff members. One way to show appreciation to personnel is to host an on-site reception for the entire staff. This type of function can be as extravagant or as intimate as needed, and family members can join in. Health care providers can also use this week to boost patient morale and promote trust. A patient seminar is ideal for this purpose. Most people want to be informed when it comes to their health, and a seminar can bridge the gap between patient and physician. Providing a tutorial on relevant topics will show hospital patrons that they matter, which can further improve the doctor-patient relationship.

Handing out promotional items is also a great way to kick-start the celebration. Marketing materials such as coffee mugs, t-shirts and reusable shopping bags raise awareness about the impact of the health care industry on the community. Administrative staff managers can give out appreciation gifts as well in order to show medical professionals and patients how valued they are.

National Hospital Week is the largest health care event in the country, and hospital administrators, medical workers, technicians and patients from all over the nation are participating. The team at Epiphany Cardio is no exception. We would like to acknowledge our customers and thank them for their contributions and support in making our company a success.


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HSHS Chooses Epiphany for 13-Hospital Enterprise ECG Management System

Posted by Allison Fawber on April 8, 2013 at 10:19 AM

Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) is a multi-institutional health care systemHospital Sisters Health System that sponsors 13 hospitals in 12 communities across Illinois and Wisconsin. When considering new technology for its 13 hospitals, HSHS has historically used a “best-of-breed” approach to select devices at each site.  In recent years, they are migrating to an integrated information system and enterprise solution for the 13 sites. Epiphany’s Cardio Server was chosen as the enterprise-wide ECG management system for HSHS. doc-csmobile

“Our IT solutions can be leveraged across multiple hospitals, allowing us to replicate and enterprise our solutions to a central management strategy,” states Kevin Groskreutz, Division CIO at Hospital Sisters Health System in Western Wisconsin. HSHS pulled together a cross-functional team of physicians and directors in the Cardiovascular line, looked at what devices the hospitals within HSHS were currently using, and chose Epiphany’s Cardio Server as an enterprise solution for ECG management.

“One of the major components for choosing Epiphany was the ability to manage a multiple modality integration into our enterprise solution. The transition to the Epiphany model was a fairly easy one. It really allows for much more integration than we had before with previous vendors who were much more proprietary in this aspect,” Kevin adds. “We have less IT architecture to maintain with Epiphany. We have the various EMRs from different sites integrated through one single solution. And on the clinical side, leveraging a consistent workflow is important. For example, if I am a provider at St. John’s and also practice at another hospital, I can walk in and my workflow is the same from one hospital to the next. It just gives a consistency of operations between our facilities.” 

“Our facilities also range drastically in size. St. John’s is a large teaching hospital and trauma center and then we have sites that are critical access hospitals. Levels of complexity and workflow are much different between different sized locations like that. Epiphany has been able to match workflow at a very complex teaching hospital and manage their needs, as well as make workflow as efficient at a small critical access hospital.”

When considering Epiphany’s Cardio Server in comparison to other solutions on the market, Kevin mentioned that HSHS considered Epiphany to be much more economical to own and operate. As an organization, they’ve gained a substantial ROI from migrating to Epiphany. Kevin concludes, “I have been very happy with the project management component while working on this migration. I’d give them an A+ in project management and implementation services.” 

About HSHS
Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) is a health care system comprised of 13 hospitals and an integrated physician network serving communities throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. HSHS’ vision is to bring together elements of today’s fragmented health care delivery system, provide superior value to patients and promote efficiency. The HSHS Care Integration initiative is the blueprint for achieving that vision and as part of that initiative, Hospital Sisters Health System is building partnerships with a variety of providers with a strategy to unify key components of health care delivery in our Illinois and Wisconsin communities—using technology and relationships to link patients, providers and care facilities. Visit or call (217) 523-4747 for more information.

About Epiphany Healthcare
Founded in 2004, Epiphany’s mission is “to simplify the collection and management of diagnostic test results”. With over 900 hospital customers in the US and abroad, Epiphany is committed to serving its customers’ needs through product innovation and the delivery of exceptional service with an unwavering dedication to driving open systems. Discover why Epiphany is preferred when managing multi-vendor, multi-modality diagnostic test results. 

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Join Epiphany In Observing National Doctor’s Day 2013

Posted by Allison Fawber on March 29, 2013 at 2:36 PM

This March 30th, Epiphany Cardio invites you to join us in observance of National Doctor’s Day, 2013. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Thank You,” and we hope you will take the time to show your appreciation for the efforts of physicians in your community and across the country for the time and effort they have dedicated to the health and well-being of America over the past year.

Patient Thanking Doctor

What is National Doctors’ Day?

Doctors’ Day originated in Winder, Georgia on March 30, 1933 when Eudora Brown Almond, the wife of a doctor, decided to set aside a day for the honoring of physicians. Many people honored their doctors with greeting cards or placed flowers at the resting places of deceased doctors to show their appreciation for those who devoted themselves to the health of their communities.

In 1990, both the House of Representatives and the Senate overwhelmingly approved legislation designating March 30 as National Doctors’ Day. President George Bush signed the resolution, and in a statement, the president encouraged the honoring of groundbreaking physicians of the past, as well as those who “carry on the quiet work of healing each day in communities throughout the United States—indeed, throughout the world.”

How to Observe National Doctors’ Day

There a number of ways you can observe National Doctors’ Day, here are a few ideas: 

Just say thank you: The simplest way to honor the physicians in your life falls right in line with this year’s theme of “Thank You.” Simply send a card or email expressing thanks and appreciation the doctors in your life.

Flowers: Send your doctor flowers, or in the tradition of the first doctors’ day, you may want to place flowers at the grave of a doctor who has passed away. The red carnation has long been associated with National Doctors’ Day.

National Doctors’ Day Merchandise: There are a number of websites offering merchandise specific to National Doctors’ Day. Some items you might find include specialized greeting cards, lapel pins, and National Doctors’ Day t-shirts. 

Spread The Word: Share the news about National Doctors’ Day with friends, family and co-workers. Greater awareness equals greater participation. Sharing news articles or blog posts (such as this one) on social media platforms is a particularly effective way to get the word out. The more doctors we can honor this Saturday the better!

Epiphany recognizes our nation’s physicians for their dedication to the treatment and prevention of illness and injury as well as the contributions they make to the study of medicine. All of us have had our lives touched or improved by a doctor, be it through treatment, care, or medical advancements. This March 30, please remember to join us as we say “Thank You” in observance of National Doctors’ Day.

An Inside Look: Tour Cardio Server from Physician's Perspective

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