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Join Epiphany Cardio in Honoring Hospitals Nationwide!

Posted by Derek Moorman on May 15, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Epiphany Cardio recognizes hospitals nationwide in celebration of National Hospital Week, an annual event that celebrates the health care industry. The event, taking place this year from May 12th through the 18th, is a tribute to medical professionals; technology, history, and advancements that make health care what it is today. This year’s theme is “A Guiding Light for Changing Times.” The theme emphasizes hospitals’ growing role in the nation’s ever-changing health care industry. The associated festivities are meant to unite health care facilities and personnel around the country.

The celebratory tradition began in 1921 when a Chicago editor proposed a community-wide salute to the medical industry. The concept was meant to ease any anxieties the general public had regarding hospitals and medical staff. Today the week-long event is a time to acknowledge medical personnel, encourage trust throughout the community, and promote a mission of wellness and celebrate top quality care at each medical facility. 

Many people use this week to appreciate the vital role health care facilities and staff members play in society. Medical treatment is about more than just healing, it’s a crucial piece of a bigger puzzle. Health care represents hope, discovery, and innovation fNational Hospital Weekor a brighter future. The optimism and positive attitudes of medical personnel are central to the well-being of a community, and the nationwide event recognizes this.

With so many advancements in technologies, hospitals and medical facilities can provide high-quality, effective and sophisticated solutions to a number of health care issues. Software, hardware and medical device suppliers play a major role in the success of the industry as well. National Hospital Week honors the complex network of people and tools that keep the health care services operating properly.

There are countless ways communities can participate in the week-long celebrations. Hospital directors can plan activities throughout the week for patients and staff members. One way to show appreciation to personnel is to host an on-site reception for the entire staff. This type of function can be as extravagant or as intimate as needed, and family members can join in. Health care providers can also use this week to boost patient morale and promote trust. A patient seminar is ideal for this purpose. Most people want to be informed when it comes to their health, and a seminar can bridge the gap between patient and physician. Providing a tutorial on relevant topics will show hospital patrons that they matter, which can further improve the doctor-patient relationship.

Handing out promotional items is also a great way to kick-start the celebration. Marketing materials such as coffee mugs, t-shirts and reusable shopping bags raise awareness about the impact of the health care industry on the community. Administrative staff managers can give out appreciation gifts as well in order to show medical professionals and patients how valued they are.

National Hospital Week is the largest health care event in the country, and hospital administrators, medical workers, technicians and patients from all over the nation are participating. The team at Epiphany Cardio is no exception. We would like to acknowledge our customers and thank them for their contributions and support in making our company a success.


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Installing Cardio Server in a Multi-Site Hospital Enterprise with Differing HL7 Requirements

Posted by Sean Stevens on May 19, 2011 at 9:19 AM

Click to view flowchartOne scenario Epiphany frequently encounters is installing Cardio Server for a multiple-hospital or multiple-clinic/hospital environment where not all facilities will use HL7 orders for their procedures. Often, outpatient clinics may not order procedures using the hospital’s EMR at all. An alternative case occurs when some hospitals in a multi-hospital system may not use orders or may be awaiting setup of an EMR system but want to begin using Cardio Server immediately.

Cardio Server’s workflow is very flexible and can be configured not to require HL7 orders for studies from particular facilities. Typically, devices from those facilities are configured with an identifier, like the Institution Name or Site Code, in device setup menus that Cardio Server uses to determine whether or not an order link should be required for that study. Studies from other facilities that do have an orders interface are required to match to their orders before they can be confirmed by a physician.

Even if all facilities do not use orders, the customer may want to receive an HL7 result for any procedure performed. This can be problematic if the EMR receiving results expects to receive values that are supplied in the order. Cardio Server’s outbound HL7 interface, however, is also very configurable so that values returned in the result can be coded differently depending on the origin of the study. This configurability allows us, for example, to send one value in a field if the study is from an inpatient facility and another if the study is from an outpatient facility. In fact, the HL7 result messages for different facilities can be made so different that they could be sent to different EMR systems. Imagine sending one result, destined for Meditech and coded to suit, but sending a different result designed to work with an Allscripts ED EMR that differs substantially from the Meditech result specification. Both of these solutions, as well as many additional solutions are possible with Cardio Server.

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