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UBMC: Providing the Best Patient Care with Epiphany Healthcare

Posted by Shannon Richter on March 4, 2020 at 4:06 PM

UBH_logoUintah Basin Medical Center is a non-profit community hospital, located in Roosevelt, Utah, that has been an Epiphany Healthcare customer for five years. Uintah Basin uses Epiphany’s Cardio Server to manage their ECG, stress, Holter, and PFT studies. Recently, they added to their system by implementing Cardio Server Mobile. We reached out to our contacts there and they had great feedback to share.

Before implementing Epiphany’s Cardio Server, Chance Hayes, Director of Respiratory Care, said “Our workflow was inefficient. There was lag-time, paper processes, and unnecessary trips to a file room. With our old method, there was up to a 2-week delay for results to be uploaded to our EMR”.

Since implementing Epiphany, the staff put the studies into Cardio Server and the studies are instantly available in the EMR. Printing on paper and digging through a filing cabinet are no longer necessary.

George Brown, Respiratory Therapist, exclaimed, “Working with Epiphany has been wonderful. Our ease ofdoc-twostudies-mobile access has been great, and the interface is user-friendly.”

Chance and George both agreed that implementing Cardio Server Mobile has helped them carry out their hospital’s mission, which is: “Caring for our communities through access to compassionate, quality healthcare and investing in those we serve.” Chance added, “Five outreach clinics are getting nice, clean, diagnostic-quality images, allowing the staff at the clinics to know the status of their patients right away.”

Chance went on to say that Cardio Server Mobile allows them to provide better patient care. He gave this example, “Say someone shows up here at the hospital and just had an ECG in another location. That ECG can be pulled up right away instead of searching for that study; Cardio Server Mobile allows doctors to spend more time with patients.”

Chance Hayes, Director of Respiratory Care:

“Having a standardized workflow has made it possible to manage a system that was
otherwise unmanageable.” 

Both Chance and George echoed that they love their organization because they do the right thing for their patients and implementing Epiphany has been a big step in assisting them in that pursuit. By focusing on implementing technology and processes that help put the patient first, Uintah Basin Medical Center has been able to grow to the largest independent rural healthcare system in Utah. From emergency medical services, to women’s health, to home care services, UBMC works effortlessly for its communities through providing access to compassionate quality healthcare.

Epiphany’s Cardio Server has been a part of this growth of quality care. Cardio Server is a workflow solution with an intuitive user interface that is cost effective and backed by exceptional service. Healthcare organizations can use their existing devices since Cardio Server supports over 260 devices from over 80 vendors in 23 diagnostic modalities. Physician training can be accomplished in about 15 minutes. One EMR interface for all modalities can be leveraged by consolidating multiple test types into one integration. There is live support available 24/7/365 located in the United States. Healthcare organizations can reduce server requirements, storage, and IT costs with Epiphany Cloud Services. Epiphany Healthcare is proud to be a quality healthcare partner for Uintah Basin Medical Center.


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What to Expect from Epiphany’s Implementation Process

Posted by Kelli Sudduth on March 14, 2016 at 2:33 PM

When considering software and service vendors in the healthcare industry, it is natural to ask: “How does this company stack up in the industry?” and “What can I expect from the Project Management Team?”

How we stack up:

Epiphany’s Cardio Server was rated “KLAS Category Leader” for ECG Data Management in the 2015/2016 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report. We have been rated number one for seven years straight. In KLAS’ year-end report, based on end-user feedback, Epiphany received a score of 87.4 compared with our competitor’s score of 80.

What you can expect:

Epiphany’s implementation team strives to be customer-focused and to deliver a quality product to your facility. We assign a Project Manager, Technical-HL7 resource, and a Clinical Training Specialist to each project. With these three resources, we are able to provide quality guidance throughout the process and post go-live.


Epiphany's Implementation Team

Epiphany works closely with your project and clinical department leaders to properly identify your desired future workflow. By conducting several calls and product web sessions, we will guide you through the process to achieve your desired workflow outcome. We also work closely with your interface resources, PACS administrators, and/or IT personnel to achieve project completion.  

A typical project will include:

  • Weekly status/working calls, based on project phases, for system planning, building, configuration, and testing
  • Device configurations
  • HL7 recommendations
  • Remote testing support
  • Experienced Clinical Training Specialist who will address any remote training and go-live needs
    See related article on our post-go-live Customer Advocacy Program.
  • Project Management Plan, which allows Project Managers to view and manage implementation tasks, deadlines, and upcoming events associated with the project
  • Skilled project guidance for each phase in your timeline, which will include best-practice workflow processes based on your needs

During implementation of Cardio Server, one of our customers from a 300-bed hospital in South Carolina had the following comment to share:

“As always, I am very satisfied with the service. Plus, what was even more delightful, I had the opportunity to speak with our Project Manager [long after the implementation was complete]. It was great! I cannot say enough about the service, which is rendered through the great company you work for.”

Before you look at purchasing any system, we encourage you to ask how the implementation will work. If you would like more information on Epiphany Implementations please let your sales representative know or contact the implementation team directly at 804.744.8931. 

Let Epiphany Help Solve Your Workflow Challenges


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