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Implementation Success and Comeback: Murray Calloway County Hospital

Posted by Sherry Levine on September 27, 2021 at 2:40 PM

On October 2nd, 2020, I was assigned a Cardio Server upgrade project for Murray Calloway. This was an amazing team to work with. Due to their day-to-day responsibilities, the project took time to complete; with their crucial responsibilities in mind, Epiphany’s implementation resources coordinated meetings to ensure the work was completed to meet their clinical needs.

The main goal was to ensure that their server would be well organized to meet their workflow needs for a smooth go-live. Throughout the implementation, Epiphany’s project team wanted to ensure that the customer’s project team and staff consistently received reliable service and an exceptional end-product.



  1. Testing ECG Carts
    While testing ECG, their GE and Hillrom (Mortara) carts first failed testing due to a network issue. There were some challenges in dealing with this, but they were able to knock it out of the park with some guidance.
  2. User List
    The hospital’s user list within Cardio Server had an extensive list of users that they wanted to clean up prior to their upgrade. They had the ability to utilize local passwords, which is a feature within Cardio Server. We worked with them to update the user list. The next step the customer requested was to utilize their Active Directory, which would mirror their user database. We then trained them on creating new users that log in with Active Directory by default. With regards to their current users, we then explained how to have them only use Active Directory going forward.  

The new Cardio Server version they received had an updated, fully responsive user interface. When demonstrating the new look for the first time to the Murray County Cardio Server users our Project Manager, Nicole Horve, recalled hearing “oohs” and “aahs” in response.  

Why do I write all of this? We recently received an email that they are coming back for round two since they will be adding more integrations! They were so happy with our project team that they are requesting myself and the Project Manager, Nicole Horve, to please host their next project! We are so happy to do so.

Hi Nicole and Sherry,

Wanted to let you know that we will be starting a new project with Hillrom implementing some new stress machines, which will be going through Epiphany. When Hillrom engages with Epiphany, we have asked for the two of you to be on the project. We appreciate how you helped us on the last project. So the moral of the story is: Do good work, get more work! Hopefully the timeline will work out. Thanks.


At Epiphany Healthcare, we value trust, partnership with our customers, and a commitment to exceed expectations. With every successful project, this instills that trust is there, and lets us know that we have succeeded in delighting the end-users. And that is what makes everyone at Epiphany smile. If you’re looking for an exceptional ECG management partner, we would love the opportunity to help solve your workflow challenges.

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