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Ozarks Medical Center Continues to Advocate Epiphany Healthcare

Posted by Allison Fawber on June 28, 2021 at 12:35 PM

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kirk Hoffman, Business Intelligence Analyst/Interface Specialist at Ozarks Medical Center. Located in West Plains, Missouri, this system of care encompasses a 114-bed acute care hospital and family medicine and specialty clinics. The organization manages ECGs, Holter, and stress studies with Cardio Server, and Kirk Hoffman has personally been using the system for 7 years. They first implemented the system when they migrated studies from their former Pyramis system. Expansion-IllustrationHoffman’s primary role at Ozarks consists of interface integration, engineering, and IT. He learned Cardio Server in 15 minutes and became an admin that same day! “Simple application--very easy to use,” he proclaimed.

When recalling how go-lives have gone in the past, Hoffman appreciated the fact that he didn’t have to wait for Epiphany to test everything; he could test a lot himself. “I like that Epiphany operates with the test and production servers. That’s a good protocol and some vendors don’t offer it. It’s a lot harder to integrate things live. Upgrades are more difficult that way too,” he shared. He also mentioned that Epiphany’s engineers made the transition “super simple” each time.

“As far as the interoperability goes, and the ability to integrate with other vendors, I give it a 10!”

Kirk Hoffman | Ozarks Medical Center
Business Intelligence Analyst / Interface Specialist

When it comes to importing studies, not all device vendors have the same default format. Hoffman mentioned that he liked how Epiphany can accommodate several different formats.

Once Epiphany identifies the inbound format, new devices can be integrated easily so your system can grow over time, as your organization’s needs evolve. 

Ozarks Medical Center is now operating on the Epiphany Cloud Services model. Since he has used both, Hoffman mentioned he doesn’t notice a difference between the cloud and traditional models as far as the daily use is concerned.  


About 3 years ago, there was one support issue where he felt like Epiphany fell short of delivering his expected result in a timely manner, so he let us know. Within the hour, he got a call from the Director of Support, his case was escalated quickly, and it was resolved in one day. In his experiences since then, whenever he has an issue, he has nothing but respect for Epiphany’s support team. “I love Gee Gee, she’s taken great care of me,” he shared. “Great staff, ease of interoperability, and your people know what they’re talking about.” 

“Our doctors have one place to log in to do their interpretations instead of several systems. They can do it remotely from anywhere or from a VPN, and they seem to like that,” he added.

Cardio Server sends study interpretation results via HL7 and also a web API link. Hoffman mentioned the doctors also appreciate that link since it’s only one-click to access results in the EMR. He emphasized that Epiphany integrates into the EMR seamlessly. 

Hearing this good news from our happy hospital customers is part of what drives us forward as a company. Find out how Epiphany can tailor an ECG management solution to your unique needs.

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