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Advocating & Caring: Epiphany Healthcare Observes National Health Center Week

Posted by Shannon Richter on August 9, 2018 at 6:00 PM


Epiphany Healthcare prides itself on improving workflow efficiency for healthcare organizations.  Epiphany provides these organizations one software solution that manages all their different diagnostic tests.  Cardio Server allows doctors to access their ECG data and other diagnostic test results from anywhere in the healthcare organization, office, or home including smart devices.  This solution streamlines the nurse-to-doctor communication and gets results to patients sooner.

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Health Centers are among the healthcare organizations that Epiphany helps to provide the best workflow solutions for.  Health Centers are non-profits that work toward the mission of serving to improve the health of patients in the community in which they live.

What is National Health Center Week

National Health Center Week is the time that is designated annually to recognize and bring awareness to America's Health Centers and the mission that drives them.  They provide necessary healthcare in the communities that need them most.  Their doors are open to virtually everyone.  They not only provide primary care to millions of patients but try to find solutions for the main health concerns within their community.

 Why Observe National Health Center Week

The people that work for Health Centers are on the front lines with bleeding hearts of hope and health for all each day.  Community health workers wear many more hats than simply assisting with healthcare needs.  They have many roles and are heroes of healthcare to people that otherwise have barriers to healthcare.  America’s Health Centers and their heroes should be recognized for the great work that they do.

How to Observe National Health Center Week

National Health Center Week in 2018 is Sunday, August 12th through Saturday, August 18th.  Each day has its own focus to celebrate, such as Children’s Health Day and Healthcare for the Homeless Day.  The National Association of Community Health Centers and the Health Center Advocacy Network are inviting everyone to celebrate these Health Centers and the heroes that work for them by participating in one or more of these designated days.  According to the National Health Center Week website, these are the focuses for each day.


Sunday, 8/12: Legislative Appreciation Day

Monday, 8/13: Honoring Health Center Heroes

Tuesday, 8/14: Public Housing Health Centers Day

Wednesday 8/15: Healthcare for the Homeless Day

Thursday, 8/16: Agricultural Worker Health Day

Friday, 8/17: Patient Appreciation Day

Saturday, 8/18: Children’s Health Day


If the focus days do not hit home with you or you’d like to show your appreciation to your community’s Health Center heroes in another way this week, by all means please do so.  Shout out to your Health Center heroes this week and show them some love.  Epiphany wishes all of our Health Center organizations and their staff a happy National Health Center Week.

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Dramatically Improved ECG Workflow at Merit Health Wesley in Hattiesburg, MS

Posted by Allison Fawber on August 30, 2016 at 9:39 AM

merithealthwesley_s.jpgAt Epiphany, we love to hear news of improved workflow from our customers. Merit Health Wesley, a 211-bed hospital in Hattiesburg, MS, has been using Cardio Server for eight years to manage their ECGs.

Rhonda Hudson, Respiratory Care Clinical Supervisor, recently shared her Epiphany story with us.

Before Implementing Epiphany

Before implementing Cardio Server, orders were placed/printed to the department, a technician performed the ECG, and two copies were printed (one for the chart and one for the physician’s interpretation). Technicians would search through files for prior ECGs for comparison and place them in the physician’s inbox for a hand-written interpretation and signature. Once interpreted, the technician scanned the ECG into the patient's medical record. The original signed copy was maintained in a patient file. 

After Implementing Epiphany

Today, the order appears on a task list. The technician performs the ECG and transmits the ECG to Epiphany where it automatically matches to the order and sends a preliminary/unconfirmed result to the patient’s medical record. The physician interprets/confirms the ECG result in Epiphany (electronically signs it) and the preliminary/unconfirmed result is replaced in the patient’s medical record by the confirmed result.

When asked to summarize how Cardio Server has helped her organization, Rhonda stated: “Faster ECG results. Easier charge reconciliation. Faster comparison to the patient’s prior ECG results and a reduction in staff, paper, and storage space.” She added that Epiphany’s technical support is quick to respond to any issues. 

About Merit Health Wesley
As an affiliate of the state’s largest healthcare system, Merit Health Wesley is committed to providing superior care across the Pine Belt. Recognized for patient safety and for top performance on key quality measures, Merit Health Wesley is also the area’s first and only accredited Chest Pain Center and only area hospital to be accredited for Heart Failure care. For more information about Merit Health Wesley, call 601-268-8000 or visit

If your hospital organization’s paper-based workflow is similar to the ‘before’ scenario Rhonda described above, contact us for a free webinar demonstration of our system today.

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