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Epiphany’s PDF Naming Wizard -- Powerhouse of Integration Modules

Posted by Jim Stanczak on March 6, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Our customers get it. They get what we do and its profound impact on healthcare.  Sometimes they share their insight with us on how to convey the power of Cardio Server to others.  

What follows is insight received from Frank Piwarski, Senior Integration Analyst, at the International Heart Institute of Montana in a recent e-mail exchange where Frank encouraged us to promote one of our features that makes Epiphany unique.

Frank, who has been working with Epiphany since 2008, wrote:

“It’s odd. One of the most important modules you have is one that you wouldn’t expect to have so much value. 

It's the PDF Naming Wizard. It completes the EMR.  It allows Epiphany to take in PDFs of diagnostic test results that are randomly named and convert them into well-named exams with patient demographics, modality designations, date and time stamps, and physician interpretations.

With a couple of clicks, you can change “6000000000_2014020412340000.pdf” into “holter_dennis_oates_20140204.pdf!” No document scanning. No manual indexing. Takes very little time.

That's it; the PDF Wizard is the powerhouse of modules!! I kid you not. Because you can say that if a result can be saved as a PDF, you can put it into your EMR. Today this means everything.

This module makes you different in the industry. No one else can say "All" and "into the EMR" in one sentence but you guys.

Transition, integration, accommodation of future results, growth, flexibility, low bar, low costs, one view, seamless.

Your mission statement with the “consolidated EMR interface” phrase is on the money.  You work the Cardio Server interfaces once, and then use them over and over with the many modalities.  Cardio Server is like a PACS, able to accept results from multiple vendors’ equipment, but it goes one step further with the PDF Wizard.

It's Noah's Ark, it takes all comers, properly onboards them all, and helps create the one comprehensive overview of all comers, it massively helps complete the patient record.

This will change lives, change outcomes, speed decisions, it's a clarity that only Cardio Server, the Ark of EMR results, can promise.

~ Frank”

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Implementation of Cardio Server: Paper-Based versus Digital Migration

Posted by Allison Fawber on January 4, 2012 at 2:43 PM

Whether your hospital or clinic has been managing digital diagnostic test results for years, or you are just now thinking of going digital with an ECG Management System, Epiphany has a process for implementing Cardio Server to suit your needs.


If your institution is currently storing diagnostic test results in a patient folder or scanning them directly into your EMR without an electronic signature, consider Epiphany’s PDF Naming Wizard.

This feature, which was a customer’s idea originally that we then implemented, offers a suite of workflow productivity tools associated with scanning in paper reports. With Epiphany’s Naming Wizard you can:

Doctor viewing Patient Records
  • Import and categorize PDF studies for a variety of different diagnostic test results including ECG data

  • Electronically import and assign patient demographic information via ADT or an orders feed

  • Assign studies to a physician or physician group

  • Access studies from virtually anywhere using a standard web browser

  • Compare new studies to previously captured patient studies including ECGs

  • Enable physicians to view and add interpretations and electronically sign a report prior to sending the result to your EMR

  • Reporting capabilities for quality assurance and process improvement

Epiphany works with you to ensure that this process is accurate and organized. If your hospital does not want to scan in old studies with the PDF Naming Wizard, your physicians can simply view the new digital study on Cardio Server and compare it to the previous, paper study.

Digital ECG Migration:

Doctor using Cardio Server

For hospitals with an existing ECG management system, we can digitally migrate your legacy ECG data into Cardio Server. Epiphany extracts ECGs from the source ECG management system, processes the data, then loads processed ECGs into Cardio Server making it available for visual comparison and Epiphany’s Intelligent Serial Comparison. 

ECG comparison is important because it helps show the reading physician how an ECG study has changed from the previous one. Most Epiphany customers that had already owned an ECG management system request a migration, since the ECG data is already digital.

For more information on implementation for a paper-based or digital migration of ECG data, leave a comment below and your question will be answered promptly. 

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