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Hospital Administrators, Epiphany's Cardio Server Reporting is for You

Posted by Allison Fawber on January 11, 2021 at 10:31 AM

Have you ever felt that your organization has lost billing opportunities due to ECGs, or other missing studies, or results that were delayed getting into the EMR? Have you ever wanted to track the performance of your team or the turnaround time of studies being read and confirmed? If you’re interested in finding out how you can leverage tools to make your hospital run like a well-oiled machine, read on!

Epiphany’s comprehensive reporting package allows you to analyze your data. Identify the causes of lost ECG revenue, capture the right metrics across your organization, and find opportunities for improvement.

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With Cardio Server’s Report Tool, you can begin with one of the preconfigured reports included with your system, or easily generate your own reports to help with administrative or billing needs, determine workflow efficiency, and more. Reports can export to Excel if you prefer to generate charts and/or graphs with your data. Admin users can share the reports with other users so they are easily accessible within your hospital organization.

Most Common Report Types:

  • Confirmed Studies reports
  • Total Daily ECGs/Total Monthly ECGs
  • Preliminary ECGs (to show studies without orders)
  • Unconfirmed ECGs (to show studies to be read)
  • Turnaround Time reports such as Time Promoted to Confirmed


Epiphany Analytica™—Your Source for Improved Workflow and Revenue

If your organization prefers custom, automated reports with scheduled delivery options, ask about Epiphany Analytica™, an add-on option to our Report Tool. Let us help you build the customized reports you need, including: billing, shift reports, daily and monthly confirmed ECGs, daily studies by technician, and turnaround time reports.  

These reports offer easy-to-read graphs to provide insight to administrators and metrics to drive quality improvements.

  • Report on studies performed by shift or by other timeframes (day, week, month, and year)

  • Sort reports by the reading provider, technician, status, and site

  • Identify acute infarct and Critical Alert ECGs

  • Compare percentages of auto-reconciled vs manually reconciled orders

  • Improve efficiency by identifying problem workflow areas

Epiphany Analytica™ Graphical and Tabular Reports


Hospital Administrators, now is the time to leverage tools like this to discover what is and isn’t working within your organization so you can take steps in the right direction to overcome hurdles. Schedule a demonstration with us today to see the Report Tool in action.

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