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Physicians Are Saying "I Want It All"

Posted by Russ DeRemer on July 28, 2015 at 11:01 AM

Over recent years, physicians have been urged, pushed, prodded, and required to move into the digital world of managing clinical reports. They have been forced to adopt EHRs, CPOE, PACS, and on-line reading with digital signatures. In a typical hospital, a reading cardiologist or internist may have to read 12-lead ECGs in an ECG management system, but they also need to read stress test reports, Holter studies, and cardiac rehab files that are often on paper. These physicians also need to go to pacemaker follow-up applications to review pacemaker and ICD reports. Long-term event monitoring is often provided by a third-party service provider with web-based reporting that the physician has to access. 12-lead ECGs performed in an ambulance are generally available in yet another application. (For more on multi-modality data management, please read our managing diagnostic test results article.)


In recent months, while demonstrating our system to cardiology departments and physicians, I have heard a number of physicians say, “I want it all,” meaning that they want all of these modalities in one system, with only one application to go to, and a single sign-on simplifying password management. And, they want it connected to the cardiology PACS.

It is possible to “have it all.” Epiphany can manage 12-lead ECGs from cardiographs and ambulances, stress tests, Holter, cardiac rehab, pacemakers, ICDs, event monitoring, and more in one application interfaced to your PACS and EHR. (In addition, Epiphany supports the requirement for interoperability of the data in these clinical reports. Learn more about this topic in our interoperability statement.)

Simplify workflow, improve access, enhance security, and speed up reading turn-around time. Talk with us about letting your physicians “have it all.”


Let Us Improve Your Organization's Interoperability!

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