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Why Epiphany Hospital Customers Should Consider Adding Clinics and Physician Practices

Posted by Allison Fawber on June 1, 2017 at 10:37 AM

Does your organization have multiple, hospital-owned physician groups, internal medicine, or cardiology clinics where you share services? Are these clinics faxing studies to cardiologists at the hospital for over-reads and then requiring those studies to be faxed back? This communication process is not only time-consuming but also adds additional labor costs. As an example, studies are printed and then scanned into the EMR. The many manual steps involved in data handling, such as printing, scanning, or faxing, are an inefficient use of clinical and administrative staff.


Many of our customers are moving to a model where the hospital leverages its Cardio Server system by adding their clinics and physician practices, so they can utilize the system as well. While we also support clinic add-ons for smaller hospitals just adding a couple of facilities, some of our hospital customers are adding over 50 clinics and physician practices.  

Multiple sites sharing healthcare IT systems usually have diverse legacy devices and cannot afford the typical proprietary solutions that require them to replace working devices from various manufacturers. Since Epiphany is compatible with 260 devices from over 80 vendors in 25 diagnostic modalities, we can support different legacy devices at each site.

Our customers have also shared with us that in multi-site configurations, each hospital system needs to be able to define its own flexible workflow. Epiphany supports the ability to adjust Cardio Server to fit different workflow preferences. We have numerous configuration options that can provide workflow for different facilities within the enterprise. Most often, large enterprises are looking for consistency. Our experienced project team analyzes and evaluates existing workflow and develops a uniquely tailored, best-practices workflow that can be applied across the enterprise to provide a consistent, high-quality clinical experience for physicians and patients.   

Benefits of Adding Clinics & Physician Practices:Sites_dropdown.png

  • Eliminates printing, faxing, and scanning reports.
  • Main hospital site and all additional sites can be easily accessible based on permission settings. (See image.) 
  • When available, previous ECGs are provided for side-by-side comparison, calipers, and other advanced functionality.
  • Patient diagnostic study results are available in both the main hospital EMR and the clinic EMR.
  • Notifications to referring physicians at the clinic/physician practice that a study has been over-read so they can properly diagnose and treat the patient.
  • Allows access to Cardio Server from virtually anywhere. 

Now is the perfect time to leverage your Cardio Server system and experience the benefits of adding your organization’s clinics and physician practices. 

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