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Epiphany Improves Workflow for A Critical Access Hospital in Cody, Wyoming

Posted by Allison Fawber on September 4, 2014 at 10:26 AM

Physicians learning Cardio ServerA critical access hospital in Cody, Wyoming implemented Epiphany’s Cardio Server three years ago to help manage their ECGs, stress, and Holter studies. We were able to speak to the Cardiopulmonary Manager about how the hospital’s workflow has changed since 2011. 

What was your organization's workflow like before implementing Epiphany?:
We would do the procedure and fax the results to the ordering doctors. When they were interpreted, we would re-fax a copy to the ordering doctors and send the originals to Medical Records to be scanned into the EMR. We also kept a copy in our office for comparison if the patient returned at a later date for ECGs. Then several days later the doctors’ offices would call and state they did not get them and we would pull the chart and fax once again.

What is your workflow like today?:
The ECGs are transmitted from the ECG machine to Epiphany at the time of service. When the order is entered, they attach to the order and go directly to the patient's EMR. All of our doctors’ offices have access to Epiphany and they can look at [the studies] there or in the EMR. We do not get calls to fax results any more. We deal with a Pediatric Cardiologist out of state and he is able to access and interpret all of his patients’ tests in Epiphany also. We also just started using Messenger and now all the doctors get a report of the interpretations from the Cardiologist. The process is the same for stress tests and Holter monitors. We do the procedure and transmit directly to Epiphany, which sends it to the EMR.

If you could tell other hospital organizations one thing about how Cardio Server has helped you and/or your organization, what would it be?:
Cardio Server has helped cut back the wasted steps of faxing reports over and over again due to offices misplacing them. It has saved our medical records department time since they don't have to scan all the reports in. Cardio Server also helps the billing office; we print out weekly reports of all the confirmed results. These reports tell who confirmed them and what site they were located at.

Any other comments you'd like to add?:
The staff at Epiphany is very helpful. If there is a problem, they handle it quickly. The support team has always worked with me to figure out a solution in my workflow and they're extremely nice.

Epiphany is constantly working with hospitals of all sizes to provide a solution to their workflow challenges. Cardio Server is scalable to meet the needs of critical access hospitals, community hospitals, university medical centers, and large independent delivery networks including physician practices and clinics. Want to see how Epiphany can tailor a solution to your organization’s needs?

Let Epiphany Help Solve Your Workflow Challenges

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