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Interoperability allows hospitals and doctors to share patient information through different IT channels. It decreases errors and breaks down communication barriers, adding value to healthcare. ECG Management Systems improve interoperability.

A good ECG Management System should manage several different modality types. Stress, Holter, PFT, and patient monitoring are some examples.

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Questions to Ask When Looking for the Best ECG Management System
for Your Needs

Avoid hidden fees and inadequate support, improve workflow efficiency, and solve billing problems. There's a lot to think about during the process of selecting a system. This ECG Management Buyer's Guide E-book can help keep you on track. As you're looking into different software options, be sure to also keep these questions in mind.

How well will the ECG Management system allow your hospital systems to talk to each other?

  • Enterprise hospital systems need to communicate with different hospital EMRs from one interface.
  • Look for a system that offers bi-directional communication of patient information between your devices and the EMR. Modality worklists allow you to download a patient's orders to a specific cart or location.

Can you leverage your existing infrastructure when considering an ECG Management System? 

  • Hospitals can save money by using one software program. Hospitals need a program that supports 12-lead ECG data from many modalities and multiple vendors.
  • You want an ECG Management System that allows you to implement the software and continue to use your legacy devices and your existing EMR. You want an ECG Management System that will simplify your workflow.

Is the system as secure as you need it to be for a healthcare organization?iStock-916632832

  • Hospitals can conserve resources and become more secure with a SaaS Cloud option for data management and storage.
  • When deciding on a company to install your ECG Management needs, find out what systems are in place to keep your data safe. Do they provide IT security management standards that ensure data protection?
  • Does the prospective vendor have security standards in place such as a cyber-security certification for ISO 27001?

Does the system allow your reading physicians to confirm studies from anywhere?

  • Physicians need to be able to edit and confirm diagnostic tests results in a web-based system. It is ideal if physicians can gain quick access to digital ECGs and other diagnostic tests from anywhere with mobile devices

Does the ECG Management System Offer a Comprehensive Reporting Package?

  • Good visual reports are a powerful tool, especially if you are losing revenue due to lost ECGs and delayed billing.
  • Track and identify opportunities for improvement with billing and performance reports.
  • Tracking performance metrics and scheduling reports will help reduce revenue loss.


Do you pay for more software applications than necessary? 

Save your hospital money and IT resources by using one software program to manage diagnostic tests. Consolidate multiple device interfaces into one EMR integration. Manage the following modalities: Holter, stress, PFT, event monitoring, patient-monitoring/rhythm strip management, pacemaker follow-up, ICD management, cardiac rehab, sleep studies, ambulatory blood pressure, ECG, and more.



If any of this resonates with you, it may very well be time for an ECG Management System. When you start shopping, remember to check out the ECG Management Buyer's Guide E-book. You may also want to refer back to this resource page for guidance. Best wishes on your road to improved workflow and interoperability.

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