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What Surveys Mean to Epiphany Healthcare and why our Surveys are NOT SPAM

Posted by Jeff Drabek on April 15, 2021 at 8:51 AM

We all receive surveys and 90% of the time we ignore them, delete them or flag them as SPAM. The surveys we do fill out are based on our current experiences either good or bad.

We understand that when you receive surveys from us, it does take several minutes of your time to fill them out. We appreciate your effort to do so. When the surveys are submitted back to Epiphany do you ever wonder what happens?

Let me share with you how Epiphany treats your surveys and what they mean to us.

Epiphany sends out surveys for each closed support case and after each implementation project closes. Your survey responses allow us to address perceived operational anomalies, user training requirements, and the engineering roadmap for future releases.


A whole management team is designated to review responses.

Each and every survey is reviewed by an Epiphany management team consisting of the Training Manager, Implementations Manager, Support Manager, Product Specialists, Sales Manager, and Executive VP. There is plenty of space for free text. We read every comment, rating, and request.

Once we have gathered all the information, the management team has a standing, monthly meeting to discuss all the survey responses, focusing in detail to see what process or product improvements we need to make. We take action to improve your experience with our team and our products.

One of the most important questions on the support survey is “How likely are you to recommend Cardio Server to a colleague?” This question includes a rating scale of 0-10. Your response to this question tells us how you truly feel about our product even if there is no other information on the survey.

What happens if your rating is not so great?

If you give us a rating from 0-7, we perceive that you are not satisfied with our support or our product or our company. We call you on every survey that falls in the 0-7 rating to have a better understanding on what we can do to improve your experience with Epiphany. Is it an unsatisfying experience with support? Is it a feature that you need? Is it one of our operational policies? We want to understand the “why” so we can improve our processes or our product to grow and be a better company.

Sometimes while reading your survey responses, we find that Cardio Server can perform the task you are requesting but you are unaware of it. In these cases, we assign a Clinical Trainer to perform a web-training session with you. If it is discovered that the version of Cardio Server that you have does not have the product enhancement you are looking for, we work with you to schedule an upgrade or demonstration.

Your enhancement requests go straight to engineering for future releases.

Alternatively, if it is discovered that you are requesting a feature that Cardio Server does not have, we submit a request for enhancement to the engineering department on your behalf; this is one way we build our engineering road map for future development.

As you can see, your feedback is very important to us and not only shapes who we are as a company, but it also shows us what is important to you when it comes to our products. Your feedback tells us what our next product modification, modality addition, and new features should be.

We do our best. Every day. We read what you write. Your survey responses matter to us; they assist us in doing better. So, the next time you see a survey from Epiphany, please take the time to respond so we can continue to enhance your experience with us and our products. Thank you.

Jeff Drabek

Jeff Drabek

Technical Support Manager


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