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Three Ways to Support American Heart Month

Posted by Shannon Richter on January 28, 2021 at 9:36 AM

iStock-1199354485Did you know that, according to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease occurs every 39 seconds and is the number one killer of all Americans? Not only that but, according to the World Health Organization, this disease also dominates as the number one killer worldwide.

February is American Heart Month. This is a month dedicated to raising awareness and promoting prevention by learning your risks of heart disease. Get involved this February by fighting back. Here’s how.

1. Go Red For Women

Heart disease also kills more women than all forms of cancer combined. That’s why every first Friday in February is Go Red for Women's day. This year, National Wear Red Day® is Friday, February 5, 2021. This day was created by the American Heart Association to empower women to take control of their heart health. On this day, nationwide, people wear red to show their unity in spreading awareness, learning their risks, and living a healthier lifestyle.


How You Can Help

  • Wear Red on February 5, 2021
  • Spread the word by sharing on social media with the hashtag #WearRedandGive.
  • Join the Go Red for Women Sisterhood and take action to end the number one killer of women. 

2. Join Heart Walk

Heart Walk is the American Heart Association's fundraising event for medical research that can save lives from heart disease and stroke. Millions of people across the country come together in their cities to walk and take a stand against heart disease.

By participating in Heart Walk and raising funds, you help create lifesaving solutions, such as artificial heart valves, and ways to correct heart defects in newborn babies. Heart Walk is also about learning what you can do to prevent heart disease

 How You Can Help 

  • Find your Heart Walk and register online. Join a team, create one of your own, or register individually.
  • hw_default_event20Can’t get out to the walk or don’t feel comfortable due to COVID? Join the Virtual Heart Walk offered this year.
  • Invite friends to join you in walking and fundraising. Once you register, you are given easy instructions to set up a fundraising page with a goal that you’d like to raise along with your story about why you’re walking.
  • Make a personal contribution and ask people to match it.
  • Walk your heart out at your local Heart Walk and feel great about saving lives.

3. Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

The good news is that with healthy choices, heart disease is preventable in most cases. Healthy choices such as not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and getting regular exercise can reduce your chances of getting heart disease. Become heart healthy by making lifestyle changes such as these that prevent heart disease

You can protect yourself by learning your heart’s risks. Understanding the risk factors that pertain to you is an essential step towards cardiovascular health but it’s useless if it doesn’t lead you to action. Taking appropriate action against risk factors in your control can reduce your risk of heart disease and potentially even reverse damage to the heart.

Epiphany Healthcare is an advocate for heart health; it’s our business. We want you to be heart-healthy. Join us this February in supporting awareness, education, and finding a cure for heart disease. Go Red for Women on February 5th, join your local or the virtual Heart Walk, and learn how to reduce your personal risks of heart disease. Share this blog with friends and family on how to prevent heart disease and, possibly, become a lifesaver.

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