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The Epiphany Sales Process in 9 Steps

Posted by Allison Fawber on October 21, 2021 at 11:53 AM

When it comes to our customers, we believe in being completely transparent. From the moment you start considering a transition to Epiphany’s Cardio Server, we want you to have a realistic idea of what happens during the sales process.


1. Discovery

During the discovery phase of the process, you talk and we listen as you share your organization's workflow, current challenges, and preferred workflow.

2. Demonstration

Now that we know your pain points and the direction you are wanting to go, we will share how your new, enhanced workflow could be for your providers with Epiphany's Cardio Server and give you a full overview of the system. Sometimes, multiple demonstrations are needed to show different functionalities. For example, we may want to show you a Physician’s workflow in one demonstration, and a Tech or Admin’s in another demonstration.

3. Proposal

After discussing your needs in more depth to find out what modules, modalities, and features you would need, we provide an estimate to build your Cardio Server system tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

4. Budget Qualification

Every organization’s budgeting process is different. During this step, we will determine how budgeting works within your organization so we can move forward with an accurate timeline.

5. Legal

You review and sign all agreements to enter into business and partnership with Epiphany. These documents will include our End-User License Agreement (EULA), our Support Levels Agreement, and more.

6. Purchase Order (Welcome to the Epiphany Family!)

Your organization makes the purchase and places a deposit for your Cardio Server project to kick off.

7. Project Assignment

Within 3 weeks after the deposit is received, you are introduced to your Project Management team, your Implementation Specialist, and Clinical Training Specialists.

8. Implementation

You meet your specialized project team and begin having weekly project calls to keep in close contact while your system is being developed. Additionally, a testing plan is provided to assist customers in application validation and go-live readiness.

Learn More: Implementation and Go-Live

9. Go-Live

You go live with your new tailored Cardio Server system. After the Epiphany Project Manager is certain that you are all set, they will introduce you to Epiphany’s Support Team.

Learn More: Training and Support

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 11.22.35 AM

We hope this outline gives you a good understanding of what to expect from the Epiphany sales process. Please contact us with any questions you may have on the topic. We sincerely wish you the best of luck in your search for an optimal ECG Management solution.

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