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Several Different User-Types Benefit from Cardio Server!

Posted by Shannon Richter on March 16, 2021 at 10:11 AM

When thinking about implementing an ECG management system, it is important to consider how the software you choose will affect the different user-types within your organization. Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server benefits a wide variety of user-types — not just physicians. From technicians, administrators, and cardiology fellows, to IT professionals and other hospital staff, Cardio Server has something for everyone. 


The Next Generation of ECG Management

Epiphany Healthcare’s latest version of Cardio Server, Cardio Server 6.0, is the next generation of ECG management. With a new intuitive, responsive look and more functionality, it’s easy for any user to navigate through. The biggest highlight is just how much users can do directly from their Cardio Server Inbox. The new Inbox includes many workflow enhancements for technicians. Here are some of the highlights that technicians and other users can take advantage of directly from the inbox.


  • The ability to assign site and reading MD
  • Enhanced order management
  • Printing a PDF from the inbox and study detail page
  • The ability to flag, trash status, delete, and notes

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Hospitals focusing on implementing technology and processes that help with physician workflow put the patients first by allowing physicians to spend more time with them and provide accurate information in a timely fashion. Software such as Cardio Server helps physicians put the patient first in four ways: simplifying workflow, improving access, enhancing security, and speeding up reading turnaround time. Here are some favorite features that physicians enjoy with Cardio Server:

  • One-click confirmations
  • Same screen, top-to-bottom ECG comparisons
  • Intelligent Serial Comparison based on provider’s previously confirmed interpretation
  • Six ways to interpret studies, including speech recognition
  • Access to previous studies on the same screen
  • Access remotely from anywhere
  • Access to many study types in one application (ECG, stress, Holter, PFT, etc.)
  • Active Directory interface, providing one less password to remember 

Cardiology Fellows

Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server even has a cardiology-fellow workflow that removes the cardiograph’s preliminary interpretation from the ECG for the fellow user-type, an option called Training Server. This option enables the fellow to create the interpretation from a blank canvas. The fellow signs the preliminarily read study and the over-reading physician provides the final confirmation. Training Server may also be used to provide de-identified, blank ECGs for training and testing.  

Hospital Administrators

Hospital Administrators, Epiphany’s Cardio Server reporting is for you. Administrators can take advantage of one-click reports, automated billing, HIPAA logging, and more. Epiphany’s Analytica 2.0 allows administrators to schedule custom reports securely within Cardio Server. These reports can identify the cause of delayed billing and potentially stop revenue loss.

"Now, all of the studies have a matching order, making it easier for the staff to capture revenue that was formerly lost."

- Carl Navarro, Chief of Cardiopulmonary Services, HSS

IT Professionals

Cardio Server makes life much easier for hospital IT professionals. The platform is web-based, so there’s nothing to load onto desktops or phones for Cardio Server Mobile. Cardio Server supports Active Directory for single sign-on and authentication, so management from an IT perspective is simple. Software upgrades are seamless and included in support agreements. Since Epiphany offers multiple modalities with one consolidated EMR interface, it is cost-effective to implement more modalities down the road. There is minimal downtime and no need for managing servers with Epiphany Cloud Services.

"Really check into your options. I would highly recommend Epiphany. We don't have any servers that we have to take care of."

- Greg Vaught, IT Manager at Marshall County Hospital

All of these features that benefit different users are why
over 1,000 hospitals worldwide choose Epiphany Healthcare for ECG Management. ECG management is the real solution for achieving patient, physician, and staff satisfaction. Cardio Server is the system that matches the needs of many types of users, allowing more time to be spent with patients. Cardio Server improves communication processes, helps cut costs, and improves healthcare. Don’t just take our word for how great it is. Read more testimonials from staff members at hospitals like yours that benefit from the next generation in ECG management. 

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