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Cardio Server's Solution to Interface Challenges: Billing

HL7 Integration Developments – Technical Charges, Professional Charges, and Credits

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Tags: Cardio Server, Technical Charges, HL7 integration,

Healthcare IT Demands Nothing Less Than Exceptional Customer Service

As the business world moves faster every day, companies are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the demands of...

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Installing Cardio Server in a Multi-Site Hospital Enterprise with Differing HL7 Requirements

One scenario Epiphany frequently encounters is installing Cardio Server for a multiple-hospital or multiple-clinic/hospital...

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Tags: Cardio Server, Hospital, Clinic,

LifeNet exports to Epiphany’s Cardio Server

New at ACC 2011, Epiphany's Cardio Server ECG Management System accepts STEMI exports (12-lead ECGs) from Medtronic’s Physio...

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Tags: GE Hilltop format, LifePak defibrillator, Physio Control,

The Epiphany Difference

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