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Security, Threats, and Bad Actors in Healthcare

From the desk of the President: Focus on cybersecurity 

The number of bad actors, the seriousness of damage, and the frequency...

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Tags: Cardio Server security, security, upgrade,

Epiphany Adds Over 100 New Devices to Cardio Server’s Compatibility List

In 2004, Epiphany opened its doors with a goal to be vendor-friendly and integrate with as many different devices as possible...

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Tags: HL7 integration, multi-modality, Multi-Vendor,

Happy Doctor’s Day!
By Holly Allen On March 26, 2018

Happy Doctor’s Day!

Have you heard of National Doctor’s Day?  This national holiday took 58 years to become more than just a local holiday....

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Tags: Cardio Server, National Doctor's Day, Workflow Problems,

7 Reasons Why Adding Sites to Your Cardio Server System is a Good Idea

Managing a multiple-hospital, enterprise-wide IT infrastructure is challenging. Epiphany offers broad flexibility to hospitals...

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Tags: ECG workflow, enterprise Cardio Server, Enterprise hospital system,

How Epiphany Resolved an Enterprise Hospital’s Billing & Order Completion Issue

An enterprise hospital using Cardio Server in Alabama contacted us to look for a way to improve their ECG billing workflow.

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Tags: hospital billing, hospital billing issue, ECG billing,

Tedious Manual ECG Order Reconciliation? Cardio Server has a HUGE Present for You

What is it? Auto-reconciliation. You spend a lot of time manually reconciling studies to orders for tests performed before an...

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Tags: automatic reconciliation, clinical workflow improvement, match order to study

Cardio Server Replaces Cerner’s Powerchart and Delta Regional is Delighted

A Letter to Wally Pruitt, Implementations Director at Epiphany Healthcare from Mitch Ainsworth, PACS/Radiology Systems...

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Tags: happy cardio server customer, Cardio Server testimonials, Customer satisfaction

How Epiphany Reduces Repetitive Support Calls with Root Cause Analysis

I became Support Manager at Epiphany in 2016 after working in technical support for Epiphany and learning the application....

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Tags: Cardio Server Support, Customer support, analysis,

As Security is of Utmost Importance to Healthcare IT Professionals, Epiphany Remains Vigilant

The U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) defined national standards to ensure the privacy...

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Tags: healthcare IT, Healthcare IT professionals, HIPAA logs

Support Contracts: Continuing the Customer Satisfaction Experience

Epiphany Healthcare continually strives to meet the needs of our customers. We focus on satisfaction and understanding how to...

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Tags: Customer support, Customer satisfaction

Common Practices and Security Risks

The following is a discussion of three common system configurations and the corresponding security risks.  Epiphany’s...

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Consider the Profound Impact of Bidirectional Communication on Healthcare

If speed and efficiency are the name of the game, what is the winning combination? Bidirectional communication.

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Tags: Healthcare Communication, bidirectional communication, information technology

How IT Advancements Such as ECG Management Enhance Healthcare Communication


All industry sectors work hard to keep up with a constant onslaught of technological advancements. In healthcare, technology...

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Tags: ECG Data Management, Healthcare industry, ECG,

Why Epiphany Hospital Customers Should Consider Adding Clinics and Physician Practices

Does your organization have multiple, hospital-owned physician groups, internal medicine, or cardiology clinics where you...

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How To Exchange Information Quickly Between Providers

Workflow efficiency. Process improvement. Streamlining care delivery. There are lots of ways to talk about what we all want in...

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Tags: Cardio Server, health information exchange, exchange information between providers,

Epiphany Supports Modality Worklists with Your Devices

Epiphany’s Cardio Server supports modality worklists. Why would one want modality worklists as a feature? With modality...

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Tags: holter, ECG, modality worklist,

How a #1 Nationally Ranked Hospital Overcame its PFT Workflow Woes with Pulmonary Server [Case Study]

Kevin McCarthy, retired Manager, Pulmonary Function Laboratories at Cleveland Clinic, talked with us about implementing...

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Tags: EHR, clinical workflow, EHR systems,

ECG Management Buyer’s Guide-2:   Automation—Why Removing Tedious Processes is Crucial

Speed and efficiency are critical aspects of patient care. Timely receipt and transfer of study data, diagnosis, billing...

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Tags: Cardio Server, ECG management, Improved Efficiency,

Epiphany’s New Rhythm Strip Management Solution Streamlines Patient Monitoring Workflow

If you scan rhythm strips into your EMR, you know this is a labor-intensive and costly process. Epiphany now offers the...

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Tags: Epiphany Healthcare, patient monitoring, rhythm strips,

Dramatically Improved ECG Workflow at Merit Health Wesley in Hattiesburg, MS

At Epiphany, we love to hear news of improved workflow from our customers. Merit Health Wesley, a 211-bed hospital in...

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Tags: Cardio Server, Scanning ECGs, ECG management,

5 Workflow Problems Epiphany Eliminated at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital, Red Oak, IA

During implementation of Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital (“MCMH”) in Red Oak, IA, a...

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Tags: Cardio Server, EMR, Workflow Problems,

10 Requirements for a Multi-Modality ECG Management System

As you seek to achieve interoperability, the many diagnostic test results performed in a Cardiology or Cardiopulmonary...

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Tags: stress, 12-lead ecg data, holter,

7-Year Streak: Epiphany Healthcare Again Ranked Number One in ECG Data Management Software by KLAS

Epiphany Healthcare is delighted to announce that Cardio Server was again named “KLAS Category Leader” for ECG Data Management...

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Tags: Cardio Server, KLAS Category Leader, KLAS Research,

Join Epiphany Healthcare in Raising Awareness during American Heart Month

It’s February once again and that means it’s time to join Epiphany Healthcare in observance of the American...

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Tags: American Heart Association, Heart Disease, heart health

Buyer’s Guide 3:  Cardio Server — Resolve Your Healthcare Billing Challenges

Electrocardiograms are one of the most prolific examinations in a hospital. They may not be complicated to perform but the...

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Tags: Cardio Server, Epiphany's Cardio Server, reduce costs,

Epiphany Healthcare’s Customer Advocacy Program (CAP)

Whether you are considering Epiphany or you are a current customer of ours, you may ask yourself: “What support can I expect...

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Tags: Cardio Server, Customer Advocacy Program, CAP Representative


On 1 December 2015, the CERT Coordination Center (“CERT/CC”) issued Vulnerability Note VU#630239 (...

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Tags: Epiphany, Cardio Server security, security,

Physicians Are Saying

Over recent years, physicians have been urged, pushed, prodded, and required to move into the digital world of managing...

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Tags: physician satisfaction,

Administrators at Jasper County Medical Center Describe Workflow Improvements With Cardio Server

After 10 years of working with Cardio Server for managing their ECG workflow, Diane Haseleu, Respiratory Therapy Manager and...

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Tags: Cardio Server, ECG management, ECG workflow,

Do you ever feel like your healthcare organization could use a workflow makeover?

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Tags: Cardio Server, workflow analysis, paper process,

ECG Management Buyer’s Guide 1: Support, Training, & Upgrades

As your existing ECG management system nears its end of life (e.g., running on Windows Server 2003) or as your hospital...

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Tags: Discounted Healthcare IT Projects, healthcare IT, ECG management,

Epiphany's PFT Module: Case Study with MedGraphics PFT

Saint Luke’s Hospital, a 257-bed acute-care facility in Duluth, MN, achieved dramatic workflow enhancements by adding...

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Tags: pft module,, medgraphics pft,, pulmonary module,,

Epiphany Healthcare Added 117 New Hospital Customers in 2014!

Competitive ECG Management System Replacements

Epiphany added 117 new customers in 2014, establishing Epiphany as the leader...

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Tags: Cardio Server, Epiphany Healthcare, ECG management,

Epiphany introduced Burdick ECG modality worklist in December 2014 to an integrated delivery network (IDN) in central Tennessee. ...

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Tags: Burdick, ECG cart, modality worklist,

Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server Ranked Number 1 by KLAS in ECG Data Management Category for 6th Consecutive Year

Epiphany Healthcare is proud to announce that Cardio Server was named “KLAS Category Leader” for ECG Data Management in the...

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Tags: Cardio Server, Epiphany Healthcare, KLAS Category Leader,

A 300-bed hospital in South Texas implemented Epiphany's Cardio Server five years ago. They are managing their ECG and Holter...

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Tags: Epiphany customers, ECG management, Improved Efficiency,

Epiphany Improves Workflow for A Critical Access Hospital in Cody, Wyoming

A critical access hospital in Cody, Wyoming implemented Epiphany’s Cardio Server three years ago to help manage their ECGs,...

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Tags: Cardio Server, stress workflow, Epiphany support,

Epiphany Celebrates 10 Years of Business & 600th Hospital Customer

Epiphany is excited to announce that July 2014 marks our 10th year of business. As we celebrate our company’s success this...

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As a follow-up to dual execution of a distribution agreement between Epiphany Healthcare and Schiller Malaysia (along with 3...

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Epiphany's Cardio Server Not Directly Affected by
A security issue called the "Heartbleed Bug"  has affected many internet services last week. It was announced last  Tuesday ...

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Tags: heartbleed bug, SSL, OpenSSL,

Epiphany’s PDF Naming Wizard -- Powerhouse of Integration Modules

Our customers get it. They get what we do and its profound impact on healthcare.  Sometimes they share their insight with us...

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Tags: ECG software, Cardio Server, PDF Naming Wizard,

Optimize Your Clinical Workflow in 4 Steps

All healthcare organizations are under pressure to perform more with less. As a result of healthcare reform and more...

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Tags: value stream mapping, workflow analysis, skillset matching,

5th Year in a Row: Epiphany’s Cardio Server Awarded

Epiphany Healthcare is proud to announce the top ranking for its Cardio Server as the "Category Leader" for ECG Data...

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Tags: EKG software, ECG software, Cardio Server,

Epiphany Cardio is Now Epiphany Healthcare
Epiphany Cardiography Products, LLC. (Epiphany Cardio) is proud to announce its name change to Epiphany Healthcare Data...

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Tags: Epiphany Cardio, Epiphany Healthcare, Name Change

In the last couple of weeks I have had the chance to speak with cardiology department managers in three different hospitals. All...

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Tags: Epiphany Cardio, KLAS Category Leader, ECG Data Management,

Join Epiphany Cardio in Honoring Hospitals Nationwide!

Epiphany Cardio recognizes hospitals nationwide in celebration of National Hospital Week, an annual event that celebrates the...

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Tags: Epiphany Cardio, Hospital, Nation's Health,

HSHS Chooses Epiphany for 13-Hospital Enterprise ECG Management System

Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) is a multi-institutional health care system that sponsors 13 hospitals in 12...

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Tags: Epiphany Cardio, enterprise medical systems, multiple enterprise software,

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