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More and More Doctors are Using Mobile Smart Devices

Pictured above: NEW Cardio Server Mobile

Here’s What This Means for the Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, a large...

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Tags: Cardio Server Mobile, Mobile ECGs, Mobile Healthcare Applications,

Security, Threats, and Bad Actors in Healthcare

From the desk of the President: Focus on cybersecurity 

The number of bad actors, the seriousness of damage, and the frequency of...

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Tags: Cardio Server security, security, upgrade,

Epiphany Adds Over 100 New Devices to Cardio Server’s Compatibility List

In 2004, Epiphany opened its doors with a goal to be vendor-friendly and integrate with as many different devices as possible to...

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Tags: HL7 integration, multi-modality, Multi-Vendor,

Happy Doctor’s Day!
By Holly Allen On March 26, 2018

Happy Doctor’s Day!

Have you heard of National Doctor’s Day? This national holiday took 58 years to become more than just a local holiday. National...

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Tags: Cardio Server, National Doctor's Day, Workflow Problems,

7 Reasons Why Adding Sites to Your Cardio Server System is a Good Idea

Managing a multiple-hospital, enterprise-wide IT infrastructure is challenging. Epiphany offers broad flexibility to hospitals in...

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Tags: ECG workflow, enterprise Cardio Server, Enterprise hospital system,

How Epiphany Resolved an Enterprise Hospital’s Billing & Order Completion Issue

An enterprise hospital using Cardio Server in Alabama contacted us to look for a way to improve their ECG billing workflow.

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Tags: hospital billing, hospital billing issue, ECG billing,

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