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Inefficient Paper Process Weighing You Down? Let us Analyze Your Workflow!

Posted by Allison Fawber on June 22, 2015 at 10:02 AM

Do you ever feel like your healthcare organization could use a workflow makeover?

One of the Epiphany sales team’s objectives in 2014 was to offer free workflow analyses to potential customers. This service provided insight that helped customers evaluate areas for improvement, especially in cost savings. After a year of providing this service, the sales representatives shed light on the feedback they’ve received.

In their workflow analyses, our representatives reported that implementing Cardio Server revealed an average cost savings of $7 per ECG for paper-based organizations. If you are part of a large organization that performs thousands of ECGs per month, this adds up to a nice chunk of change! For the amount saved, other programs can be implemented that could improve the quality of patient care at your organization.

Out of 15 multi-modality workflow analyses performed in 2014, one representative, Tina Wellman, reported an average of 50% labor-cost reduction for ECG and even higher cost reductions for other modalities such as PFT and Holter. 

Implementing Epiphany’s Cardio Server is like getting a workflow makeover. Cardio Server allows you to digitally manage ECGs and diagnostic test results from another 15 different modalities. Cardio Server receives studies directly from the devices (cardiographs, stress, Holter, PFT, etc.) and allows the studies to be managed, interpreted, and exported to your EHR. Everything will be digital, improving efficiency and saving money and your energy! 

Ditch the paper. Contact us today for a free workflow analysis to learn how your organization can improve its efficiency today. 

Free Workflow Analysis

*Free workflow analyses apply to paper-based hospitals only. If you are a current Epiphany Customer looking for a consultation, need information on upgrades, or wish to add additional modalities, please contact Allison Nagel at (612) 499-4233 or



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