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How To Exchange Information Quickly Between Providers

Posted by Allison Fawber on May 22, 2017 at 4:32 PM

Workflow efficiency. Process improvement. Streamlining care delivery. There are lots of ways to talk about what we all want in the healthcare workplace. But no matter the terminology, we are all saying the same thing: We want to work better and we want to work faster. health information exchange between physicians

In healthcare, information exchange is more critical than in any other industry. So why is it so difficult to develop accurate, reliable data exchange? Close your eyes for a moment and envision the perfect workflow. Dream up a system that provides the best care to patients with minimal complications for facilities and staff. Electronic records move seamlessly between providers. On-time, correct orders and billing, even on weekends or holidays, move seamlessly in a system regardless of staff availability. Studies are viewed instantly from mobile devices, from anywhere, and results are quickly returned.

The need for a streamlined, well-oiled healthcare machine is the foundation of Epiphany. Epiphany’s application, Cardio Server, is a web-based, user-friendly application that receives, manages, and exports diagnostic test data from over 125 devices to EMRs. With Cardio Server, creating confirmed, digitally signed ECGs, stress, Holter, PFT, cardiac rehab, and other diagnostic test reports is simple and fast. Cardio Server provides rapid exchange of information between providers, in an orderly system, for the following reasons:

  • Primary care physicians and clinics are linked to the hospital’s electronic systems via Cardio Server so communication is fast and reliable.
  • Epiphany’s software is non-proprietary. Devices all work together, regardless of vendor, so that interfaces can share information efficiently.  That means fewer frustrations for professionals who are unwilling or unable to switch from comfortable platforms to new technologies.
  • Epiphany supports bi-directional communication of patient demographics and other important patient information between Cardio Server and ECG, stress, PFT, and Holter devices eliminating orphaned results where demographics are mistyped into a device.
  • Cardio Server is a web-based software that allows access from anywhere, smoothing scheduling hiccups and erasing distance, even across time zones.
  • Individual physician preferences are important. Exchanging information between providers should be intuitive and should reduce, not add to, the frustrations inherent in working with modern technology.  Epiphany’s Cardio Server contains several different ways to view and edit study data, so each user can utilize his or her preferred method.
  • When a study receives a first look from an ED physician or a cardiology fellow, who do not have final-reading privileges, Cardio Server allows for the study to be marked preliminary awaiting a cardiologist’s or an attending physician’s final interpretation.
  • The benefits are measurable and immediate across the cardiology, pulmonary, emergency, or other hospital departments. Cardio Server eliminates data-retrieval delays when seconds count.
  • Cardio Server’s digital workflow provides significant financial benefits as staff focus on patient care instead of chart pulls and from consolidating several device interfaces into one cost-effective integration.

The healthcare industry will never be flawless. There are too many human variables; there is too much unpredictability. But easing communication between providers is a giant step in the right direction. Cardio Server bridges the gap between your physicians and device manufacturers for rapid information exchange. 

Call it efficiency, streamlining, or improvement. The result is the same: working better, working faster.


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