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Hospitals Are There for Everyone. Epiphany Healthcare is There for Hospitals

Posted by Jeff Drabek on October 12, 2020 at 2:30 PM

COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. Businesses and livelihoods were overwhelmed globally with this unknown pandemic ramping up taking lives/jobs in early 2020 as company’s prepared for the worst. Layoffs occurred, projects were placed on hold, and all focus was on what do we need to do to keep our clients and our business afloat? What can we do to protect our employees? Epiphany Healthcare had these same questions.

A Seamless & Secure Transition with Epiphany Cloud Services

Cloud_Doctor-1Epiphany took quick action to make sure its employees were safe! With our Epiphany Cloud Services infrastructure already in place, we could easily work remotely in order to keep our employees safe and service our clients worldwide. Because of our VPNs and security protocols that we already had in place, the transition was seamless and secure. We have also always provided 24/7/365 remote support, offered online training, and remote project management and go-lives. Our projects continued, staffing remained in place, and our focus was on how we can help our clients.

Epiphany Employees Pull Together for our Clients


Being Epiphany’s Support Manager, I have seen communication improve not only through support but throughout the company. The Support Team collaborates daily with questions, ideas, training, and client needs. The Escalations Team members work together with all levels of support via screen shares and conference calls using current, secure, company-approved software in order to drive towards a resolution quickly. I have collaborated with our Professional Services Team (Support, Implementations, and Training) members to create and update processes to better serve our clients.

Thank You for Your Sacrifices on the Front Lines  healthcareworker_covid-19

We understand that our clients are on the front lines saving lives around the world. We are here for you! We appreciate and understand the daily sacrifice that you are making by testing those that may be dealing with COVID-19, comforting those who are, and then worrying about going home to your family where you may expose your loved ones. From Epiphany Healthcare to all of you, we cannot thank you enough. Thank you, and please remember that we’re here for you.

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