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Epiphany Delivers Modality Worklists for Burdick Cardiographs at Tennessee IDN

Posted by T. Dale Monroe on February 18, 2015 at 1:06 PM
T. Dale Monroe

Epiphany introduced Burdick ECG modality worklist in December 2014 to an integrated delivery network (IDN) in central Tennessee. This IDN had been using a Burdick/Cardiac Science Pyramis as its ECG management system for years. The modality worklists’ capability was an integral part of their workflow. They could not move away from Pyramis and keep using their Burdick carts without it.

Their Manager of Imaging Informatics described the importance of modality worklist as follows:

The primary benefits of using modality worklists are improved data integrity and appropriate patient care. Modality worklists provide specific patient demographic and order information to the ECG cart that is pre-populated on the cart and transferred either to the ECG printed copy or to any downstream ECG management systems. This is very important for ensuring data integrity. Utilizing modality worklist functionality eliminates typing errors, when manually entering patient information on an ECG cart, which could lead to patient mis-identification and possible improper treatment of a patient. Modality worklists lead to a cleaner medical record as they ensure the accuracy of the patient demographic data and can tie a specific ECG back to a specific order; [because the study automatically matches to the order, the clinician only touches the study one time]. Proper use of modality worklists also improves workflow for the ECG technicians as it is faster to pick the patient from the modality worklist than it is to type in all of the necessary demographic information. 

For Epiphany, this was no easy task. Our engineer, Vahid Talaie, is one of the foremost experts in the field of modality worklist integrations having created interfaces with six vendors in twelve modalities over the years. Vahid worked over 600 man-hours to deliver Burdick cardiograph modality worklists.

If you are considering moving away from Pyramis, we invite you to consider Epiphany. We are the only company in our business tha­­­t has invested in providing a solution and delivered Burdick ECG modality worklists. High volume or low, the speed, simplicity, and accuracy of modality worklists make it a valuable, must-have feature.

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