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Cardiology Techs and Supervisors: Simplify Your ECG Management Workflow

Posted by Allison Fawber on January 12, 2022 at 9:45 AM

Cardiology technicians like you operate a variety of diagnostic devices and resources to help physicians diagnose and treat heart problems. ECG Management systems help technicians assign studies to reading physicians, reconcile orders, and modify studies. As a healthcare software company, we know that your time is valuable and that the fewer clicks it takes to get things done, the better.

Sometimes lead cardiology technicians or supervisors are assigned as Superusers within the ECG management system. In an enterprise system where IT professionals are the admins, a department manager is assigned Superuser privileges. Superusers can use an ECG management system to do the same things as a tech user is able to but can delete studies and run administrative reports in addition.

Studies that come from your diagnostic devices into Cardio Server, Epiphany’s ECG management system, will populate in the Inbox. With our latest release, it is now possible to accomplish several things directly from the Cardio Server Inbox which is now known as our “Command Center.” The enhancements to the Inbox will drastically save time for all users that possess these abilities.
Inbox Command Center-1

Cardio Server Command Center 

When logging into Cardio Server, the Command Center will be immediately displayed. Users start by selecting the filters they require, then saving those filters as default if preferred, so they populate automatically for the next session. You can choose to work on multiple study statuses at once as well. For example, if you’d like to see both Preliminary and Unconfirmed study statuses, this is now possible in the Command Center. You also have the option to print a PDF or cover straight from the Inbox if needed.

Assign Site and Reading MD

The biggest advantage of the Inbox Command Center is the ability to batch assign the reading MD without opening and selecting each study. Techs, Superusers, and Admin users all have this privilege.

Enhanced Order Management

Cardio Server is designed to automatically match studies to orders (this is called auto-reconcile) and promote them to Unconfirmed status to be assigned to a provider. If Cardio Server does not receive the order or the study and the order do not match, sometimes manual reconciliation is necessary. If a user sees studies in Preliminary status upon logging in, this means automatic reconciliation did not occur. Manual reconciliation is easier than ever, as the actions can be performed straight from the Inbox.

Stat / Unstat Controls

You will notice different colors within the Inbox. A study with a dark red background and an exclamation point icon represents an ECG with a critical statement notification designation. (Critical Statement Notifications are an add-on option for your Cardio Server system.) These studies have priority over all other studies. A study with a light red background indicates that the study is marked as Stat. Stat studies appear at the top of the Inbox, but below any critical statement studies. Stat / Unstat controls are available from the Inbox and Study Detail page as well so you can mark any studies accordingly. 

The Ability to Flag Studies

A great way to filter multiple studies is by using the flag feature. The flag feature allows the user to filter and display only certain studies in the Inbox. At a teaching hospital, a physician might flag a study to use for teaching purposes. Last year, some customers chose to use flags to note ECGs for COVID patients. We’ve seen customers use flags to mark studies being reviewed in QA meetings as well.

Our “straight from the Inbox” theme makes your workflow simple and more efficient, and the Cardio Server Command Center enhancements were made with your processes in mind. In fact, some of the enhancement requests came directly from our customers in our feature request portal. If you would like to see the Inbox Command Center in action, request a demonstration today. We look forward to transforming your workflow.

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