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KLAS Awards Cardio Server “Category Leader” for ECG Management

Posted by Allison Fawber on January 18, 2013 at 10:43 AM

Epiphany Cardiography Products, LLC is proud to announce that KLAS awarded Cardio Server
“Category Leader” for ECG Data Management in the Best in KLAS: Software & Services report for 2012.

KLAS Research

This year’s award marks the fourth consecutive year Epiphany has received the “Category Leader” recognition in ECG Management from KLAS.¹

What is KLAS? KLAS helps healthcare providers make informed technology decisions by measuring and reporting accurate, honest, and impartial vendor performance data. KLAS speaks with hospital and clinic executives, administrators, physicians, nurses, and other directors and managers with business responsibilities regarding the experiences they are having with their vendors and products. Routinely, KLAS works with over 20,000 people from 5,000 hospitals and nearly 3,000 ambulatory organizations annually in order to gather direct client feedback on vendor performance.

Epiphany's Cardio Server ECG Management System

Epiphany’s Cardio Server is a browser-based, intuitive management system that receives, manages, and exports diagnostic test results to EMRs. Cardio Server communicates with over 100 devices, from over 40 vendors, in 15 diagnostic modalities, consolidating individual device interfaces to the EMR. Physicians and other users can access and edit ECG data and other diagnostic test results from anywhere in the hospital, the office, or home using a standard web browser. Users are also able to access ECGs from their smart devices.

“It is an honor to receive the 'Category Leader' award from KLAS for the fourth year in a row", states Kelli Sudduth, VP Implementations, Training, and Support at Epiphany. “Epiphany works to maintain a constant level of customer satisfaction across many levels; from new customers to our long standing 'customer partners,' we strive to assist healthcare providers in achieving their clinical, administrative and IT objectives. As we continue to grow in the industry and face new challenges, it is rewarding to know that our customers believe we are on the right path, positively contributing to their success.”

About Epiphany Cardiography Products, LLC. 
Founded in 2004, Epiphany’s mission is “to simplify the collection and management of diagnostic test results. With over 450 hospital customers in the US and abroad, Epiphany is committed to serving its customers’ needs through product innovation and the delivery of exceptional service with an unwavering dedication to driving open systems. Discover why Epiphany is preferred when managing multi-vendor, multi-modality diagnostic test results. 

¹In 2009, the category Epiphany received the KLAS "Category Leader" award for was Patient Monitoring Systems

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