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CHS Women and Children’s Hospital Changes Faxing Workflow with Cardio Server

Posted by Allison Fawber on November 30, 2012 at 9:34 AM

During implementation of Cardio Server with one of our new customers, CHS Women and Children’s Hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana, some of the physicians identified concerns with changing their workflow. They had been reading, interpreting, and confirming faxed ECGs for years and they were very accustomed to this process. Their current workflow entailed receiving a faxed ECG from the hospital when there was one to be read. The quality of these faxes was problematic at best and made it difficult to read an ECG effectively. Additionally, the physicians had to physically be in their offices to make the reading. The physicians had concerns that Cardio Server would disrupt this workflow and would be challenging to use. 

Physician Reading ECGs Online

To ease their concerns, one of our Clinical Training Specialists, Kevin Sekula, proactively trained the physicians while the implementation of Cardio Server was still taking place. One physician, Richard Gilmore, MD, who was skeptical at first, learned that he was comfortable reading online with Cardio Server within five minutes of training. Dr. Gilmore and his colleagues liked the fact that right away a crisp, clean, diagnostic-quality ECG was available online. Cardio Server eliminated their usual delay while waiting for faxes to come in and there was no longer a struggle to read the poor-quality, faxed ECGs.

Kevin led several web training sessions over the next few weeks of implementation. Cardio Server went live for CHS Women and Children’s Hospital on September 20, 2012. The go-live was a success. Two weeks after the go-live, the physicians let us know they were very happy with our product. 

Here’s What Kevin Gobert, Cardiopulmonary Director, Has to Say about Their Current Status After
Cardio Server Go-Live:

I just wanted to report on the current standing. Initially, we had processes to work out for getting all the physicians access and acquainted to the new format of reading EKG’s online. . . .  I have noticed our average turnaround has been less than 24-to-48 hours with many of the tests being read within a few hours of being posted. Physicians have been very compliant and I am pleased to provide this information as we continue to move to platforms that increase our ability to provide accurate and speedy care to our patient population. I just wanted to share the good news.

At Epiphany, we make it our first priority to make sure our customers are confident and comfortable with our product. We understand that changing familiar processes can be difficult. This is why we provide extensive training, and even proactive training, as in a case like this. Additionally, Epiphany follows up with its customers regularly after on-site training to make sure they continue to be happy with the product and its functionality.

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