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4 Ways Health IT Allows Physicians to Put the Patient First

Posted by Shannon Richter on October 26, 2020 at 12:28 PM

Health information technology and physician/patient communications are vital in any effectively operating healthcare system. Health IT helps patients receive accurate information quicker, the physician is able to spend more time with the patient, and, as a result, you have a better healthcare system.

Information technology software, such as Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server, accomplishes just that. Cardio Server is an ECG management system that connects test results directly with electronic medical records (EMRs), streamlines the reading of diagnostic studies, and ensures that previous results are always available.

Hospitals focusing on implementing technology and processes that help with physician workflow put the patients first by allowing physicians to spend more time with them and provide accurate information in a timely fashion. Below are 4 ways software, such as Cardio Server, enables physicians to put patients first.

1. Simplifies Workflow


Every hospital has a workflow goal to deliver the best patient care at the appropriate cost. Yet, did you know that according to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, almost 25% of tests are unnecessary partially due to difficulty accessing prior medical records? Your hospital's clinical workflow should run with the same finesse as an experienced surgeon. It should run with software that helps keep your team's attention and focus on patient outcomes.

Making a hospital’s workflow more efficient improves the quality of patient care. Products, such as Epiphany Healthcare's Cardio Server, improve workflow processes. Here are ways that Epiphany Healthcare can turn your workflow woes into wins.

  • Use one software program to manage cardio-pulmonary tests from many hospitals and facilities. Here are Epiphany’s ten requirements for a multi-modality ECG management system
  • Simplify your clinical workflow by working with your existing devices, EMRs, and unique challenges. Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server integrates with all EMRs.
  • Use a mobile platform that enables physicians to access and edit ECG data from anywhere with iOS devices. With Cardio Server Mobile, information is secure, responsive, and easy to use. 
  • Stop Revenue Loss by using graphical data and customized reports from Epiphany Analytica.
  • Epiphany’s Cloud Services simplifies data management by reducing server requirements, storage, and IT costs. Save your hospital time and resources to focus on delivering the best patient care.
  • Remove manual steps from your processes with Rhythm Strip Management or Modality Worklists.
  • Whether you are paper-based or are already using an ECG management program, Epiphany offers a migration path.

The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City improved their order workflow saving the technician valuable time, they gained a better way to assign studies to the correct MD, and all pertinent studies are now viewable in one system.

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2. Improves Access


Due to COVID-19 and healthcare staff wanting to minimize the risk of exposure, the desire for physicians to work remotely is on the rise. More hospitals are being tasked with the responsibility of faxing ECGs to physicians outside of the hospital. Unfortunately, this method often means physicians struggle with the low-quality images inherent in faxing. Quality ECG data is critical in providing accurate and timely diagnosis and patient treatment.

With a goal to keep your healthcare staff safe and distant, Cardio Server Mobile allows your physicians to stay home, work from their office, or in another department. ECGs and other diagnostic test results remain high diagnostic quality. Your organization can keep offering the same great services while keeping everyone safe. 

A critical access hospital implemented Epiphany’s Cardio Server to help manage their ECGs, stress, and Holter studies. We were able to speak to the Cardiopulmonary Manager about how the hospital’s workflow has changed. 

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3. Enhances Security


The number of bad actors, the severity of damage, and the frequency of threats continue to increase in healthcare cybersecurity.  Healthcare and medical devices are under attack.  Managers must consider cybersecurity when maintaining and upgrading their medical devices. 

Since switching to Epiphany Cloud Services, the staff at Marshall County Hospital reported that there are no more manual steps, connection problems, and delays. The new workflow is a one-step automatic process. ECGs no longer need to be assigned. Cardiologists are always connected. Since the switch, they haven’t needed any IT support and their data has been safe in the cloud.

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4. Speeds Up Reading Turnaround Time


Manually reconciling studies to orders for tests performed before an order has been placed is a time–consuming process. With Epiphany’s Cardio Server, studies automatically reconcile even if an order is sent after the test has been performed. This is a big deal as other ECG management systems only offer a manual reconciliation process. A manual process involves many tedious steps to link a study to an order; these are extra steps that waste your valuable time.

Uintah Basin Medical Center is a non-profit community hospital located in Roosevelt, Utah that has been an Epiphany Healthcare customer for five years. Uintah Basin uses Epiphany’s Cardio Server to manage their ECG, stress, Holter, and PFT studies. Recently, they added to their system by implementing Cardio Server Mobile. We reached out to our contacts there and they had great feedback to share.

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Better Patient Care

The difference Epiphany Cloud Services has made for Marshall County Hospital is crucial in helping them provide their patients with the most efficient and secure care. Cardio Server Mobile allowed Uintah Basin Medical Center to provide better patient care by delivering results to any hospital from any hospital, allowing physicians to spend more time with patients.

Issues related to mismanaging health information often undermine the physician/patient relationship. Information technology that manages information and provides accurate results to physicians faster has the opposite effect. It preserves and uplifts the physician/patient relationship, allowing physicians to make accurate medical decisions faster and to spend more time with their patients.

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