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Epiphany Upgrades ECG Workflow with Cardio Server and Dragon

Posted by Kevin Sekula on February 11, 2014 at 1:21 PM

Cardio Server

During implementation of Cardio Server with one of our new customers, a 220-bed hospital in Eastern Pennsylvania that performs >1,000 ECGs per month, some of the physicians were hesitant about changing from a dictation-based ECG reading workflow to a digital-based workflow with Cardio Server. They were accustomed to reading printed ECGs and dictating their interpretations; they stated this was a quick process for them and they liked it. The physicians felt that typing interpretations or clicking interpretive statements with a mouse would slow their workflow considerably, thus making Cardio Server challenging to use.

A plan was formed to provide the physicians withDragon Logo Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical software combined with Cardio Server to address their dictation concerns. Cardio Server works well with Dragon and provides Cardio Server users the ability to dictate their interpretations.

During training, the physicians were instructed to use both tools—Cardio Server and Dragon.  The feedback was very encouraging. One cardiologist stated, "I have had the opportunity to work with the Epiphany system and a voice recognition package [Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical]. Although my experience is limited it appears that our greatest concern using this package, speed and accuracy, have been met. I have spoken to several of my partners and the feedback has been very positive. It is my belief that using your system will make us more efficient in reading ECGs. It is great when technology facilitates our job performance."

Cardio Server went live in March 2013 and the hospital has reported tremendous success with the program both for the staff and the physicians as well. Here is what the Cardiology Director said about their experience with Cardio Server:

“We had a very positive outcome with Cardio Server. This was achieved by Epiphany’s team and our staff listening to our cardiologists’ needs and concerns. Epiphany’s Joe Noto and Kevin Sekula made the cardiologists’ concerns over dictation their priority. On our go live date, our cardiologists were very satisfied that Cardio Server was set up with Dragon for them to dictate. The cardiologists and our cardiology staff also had the clinical specialist, Kevin Sekula, on site for additional educational support. The Epiphany team, under the leadership of Mr. Noto, continues to offer support and assistance for our ongoing success.”

At Epiphany, our first priority is to make sure our customers are confident and comfortable with our product. We understand that changing familiar processes can be difficult. This is why we provide extensive training with the ability to modify the user experience for their comfort, as in a case like this. Additionally, Epiphany follows up with its customers regularly after on-site training to make sure they continue to be happy with the product and its functionality.


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