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LifeNet exports to Epiphany’s Cardio Server

Posted by Jim Stanczak on April 25, 2011 at 2:14 PM

New at ACC 2011, Epiphany's Cardio Server ECG Management System accepts STEMI exports (12-lead ECGs) from Medtronic’s Physio Control LifeNet in the native GE Hilltop format. LifeNet is a web-based platform designed to share emergent patient information between Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and hospital care teams. GE Hilltop exports include all the raw data points and interpretations of a STEMI cardiogram performed on a LifePak defibrillator, which is far more informative than a static PDF export. 

LifeNet2With the raw data points that come from a LifePak defibrillator, Epiphany users can apply horizontal calipers to get precise measurements of ST amplitudes in any or all of the 12 leads.
With the interpretations that come from the LifePak defibrillators, Epiphany users can use serial comparison tools to help distinguish true STEMIs from other morphologies that mimic STEMIs, and then use this information to determine the best triage plan for patients. 

Topics: GE Hilltop format, LifePak defibrillator, Physio Control, Medtronic, LifeNet exports to Epiphany's Cardio Server

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